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2-Hand Zig-zag Layups

Basketball Picture Of Steve Nash

Basketball Picture Of Steve Nash

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Instructions: The coach arranges a set of 10 folding chairs evenly spaced down the middle of the court from near one baseline to the other. Players line up and one-by-one they dribble the length of the floor zig-zagging around the chairs.

Players MUST always dribble with the hand that is opposite the chair! In other words, the player first goes to his right around the first chair while dribbling with his right hand, then to his left to go around the next chair while crossing his dribble over to his left hand, and so forth. At the end he makes a layup, then sprints the length of the floor to return to the line.

This basketball drill accomplishes several things at once:

  • Players work on conditioning by running the length of the floor multiple times.
  • They also work on becoming equally adept at dribbling with either hand.
  • They become aware of the need to dribble the basketball on the side of their body that is farthest away from the defender.
I love this dasketball drill
by: Joe Waters – webmaster This is a classic basketball drill that works on several basketball skills and fundamentals at one time. As David mentioned, the emphasis of the drill is to get the basketball players good at dribbling with their outside hand – the one away from the defender. As simple as this sounds, I’m amazed at how many younger players dribble with the basketball right in front of their defender. This is a great basketball drill for getting them comfortable with not doing that. In addition, they get conditioning work and dribbling practice. This is just a great all-around basketball drill. One note: If you don’t have chairs, you can use cones.