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6th Grade Boys Basketball (B Team)

It seems that my basketball question is a mystery to most people I’ve asked…and I haven’t had an opportunity to ask the coach yet.

My son is on the 6th grade basketball “B” team. They are doing very well this season, in fact they have more wins than the “A” team so far.

I just was wondering if these “B” Team “wins” even count toward the team record or are they just exhibition/practice for them?

My son feels the basketball coach is mainly concerned about the “A” team wins and little recognition is given to their wins, I’m a bit confused.

Thank you,

Disappointed Mom

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Feb 22, 2011
B team
by: Anonymous B team is mostly focusing on developing the skills and basics. The A team is competitive. The B teams wins are not going to count toward the record. Sadly the B team can do amazing and not have any effect on the A team. All you can do is have him keep playing and practicing and hopefully next year he will make A team. I hope this helps.Sincerely,
A team basketball player

Jan 31, 2011
Bteam Basketball
by: Anonymous Wins shouldn’t matter in elementary or middle school, let alone when you are talking about a B Team.