About Us

Hi, my name is Jason Harrison Jr. Waters and I am a HUGE basketball fan! I have been involved in the game of basketball for over 10 years. I started playing the game when I was 10 years old and have been playing ever since.

I’ve played on the youth level, the high school level and the college intramural level. As much as I love participating in the action myself, my true passion comes from coaching and teaching young players all about this great game!

My Coaching Experience

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I have coached and worked with basketball players from the early youth levels right up through the high school varsity level. This experience has truly been a blessing for me. I have many fond memories of the players and teams that I have worked with over the years. Coaching young athletes is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience for me!

My current coaching experience consists of working with and coaching my children and teaching them the fundamentals and strategies of youth sports.

About This Site

This site was created so that I could share my experience and passion for the game with players, parents and coaches who are searching for a resource that will help them improve their basketball experience. So this site is for you! My goal is to provide you with the best information, reviews and advice about this great game!

If you love the game of basketball as much as I do, then I would encourage you to spend some time on my site – there’s tons of great info. for you! While you’re here you can pick up our FREE Youth Hoops Newsletter & FREE Special Reports. This will help you stay current with the latest youth basketball tips and advice, drills, product reviews, and other new basketball resources.

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Thank you for visiting! I hope the information I’ve provided will help you improve and enjoy your overall basketball experience. Best of luck!