After a rebound

Here is the situation Player A shoots the basketball at player A’s basketball – we will call this team red.

Player B from the other team (team blue) gets the rebound and turns to go up the floor. When player B turns there is a player from the red team right there.

This causes the player with the basketball to travel.

Does the defense have to give the offensive player a step?

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Jun 22, 2008
by: Anonymous Player B does not have to travel, to get past the defender.Player B can just fake the red team out and dribble around them. He does not have to travel at all.

Feb 25, 2008
Tough call
by: Joe Waters – webmaster When player B rebounded the basketball and turned to dribble up the court, he traveled because there was a defender right in front of him.Since he traveled, that tells me that the defender was at least one or two steps away from him – otherwise he would have ran into him. In that case, an offensive charge or defensive block would have been called.

To avoid this situation, I always teach my players to rebound, or receive the outlet from the rebounder, and then turn to face the court so you can see where the defense is.

This allows the ball handler to see the court and make the best decision with the basketball.