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Age Appropriate Benchmarks For Basketball

I am a Recreational Director and I am looking for age appropriate benchmarks to pass on to my basketball coaches.

This will help them understand what basketball skills the kids should have at each level of competition by the end of each year.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Nov 24, 2010
Daughter Keeps Getting Basketball Stolen
by: Al My 10 year old daughter just started playing basketball in an organized league. She has great individual ball handling skills but in this league is playing with bigger and older girls (11 and 12).Her problem is that she is constantly getting the ball taken away from her. When she turns a bigger girls rips it out of her hands. She can dribble past them and is quick (but small) but these girls just seem to take it off her before she can make a move.

Against girls in her grade, she blows by them, but in this basketball league she is losing her confidence.

Any basketball dribbling drills or ideas as to how she an keep girls from stealing off her?

Going down to a league where she can dominate, only will make her feel like she has failed.

What does she need to do? She is normally very aggressive and plays tenacious defense, but is becoming very tentative on offense.

Nov 20, 2010
Use Little League Baseball Rules
by: Pack Mule My suggestion is to follow the Little League baseball age requirements.It’s simple, fair and well-established. If you go by grade you’ll often get huge kids who may have flunked….