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Ball Handling Drill: Knockout

Basketball Ball Handling Drill

Basketball Ball Handling Drill

Here’s a great basketball drill that works on ball handling and dribbling.


The whole basketball team.


Each player will have their own basketball and take up only half of the basketball court.

When the coach says “go” each player will dribble the basketball until another player knocks the ball out of their hands or they double dribble. In either case, they will sit out.

Once 5 players get out stop the drill and then have the remaining players continue inside the 3 point line instead of half court. Once 5 more players get out stop the drill again, and this time have the remaining basketball players continue inside the key area.

When you are left with 2 players have them do the drill inside the paint. The last player in control of their basketball is your winner.

You could also make the other players run one lap if you feel you need to (optional).

I hope you enjoy this basketball drill.