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Ball Handling Question

Basketball Player Picture

Basketball Player Picture

My basketball question has to do with ball handling.

I just started coaching intra-murals with 4th & 5th grade boys.

After the first game I noticed a few of my players stop their dribble once the defender approaches them.

How do I get these boys to keep their dribble?

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Jan 20, 2008
attack the defender
by: Anonymous Tell your players that when they are dribbling toward the basket to do so as if they were trying to force their way through a brick wall. make a game out of it in practice have a defender to apraproach the dribbler and have them try to push the defender back as they move toward the basket.

Jan 14, 2008
This is a common mistake.
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Bernie this is a common mistake for youth basketball players.

When an offensive player has the basketball, they must shield it from the defender using their body and “off arm” (the one not used for dribbling the basketball). As a defender approaches, the ballhandler should turn their body slightly so that their off arm is between them and the defender.

By being in this position, the ballhandler in able to use their arm and body to shield the defender from getting the basketball.

This is something that must be worked on in practice in order for the players to get comfortable with it.

I would first work on having the players dribble without a defender so they learn how to turn and shield the ball. Then add a defender so they can practice under pressure. Lastly, have them practice this skill with both their right and left hands.