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Free Basketball Articles For Players, Parents & Coaches

These Valuable Basketball Articles will help improve your knowledge of the game. Whether you are a player, parent or coach – improving your basketball knowledge is a critical key to success!

The basketball articles below are a combination of articles that I have written as well as other great articles written by various authors.

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Enjoy These Free Basketball Articles

Basketball Weight Training Program – 7 Tips For Success!
September 2007 Article: Basketball weight training has become a critical element to a player’s overall developmental program. In order for basketball players to become successful on the court, they must dedicate themselves to an effective basketball strength training program off the court.

Basketball Strength Training Program Tips – Become An Explosive Player!
September 2007 Article: It’s no secret that Basketball Strength Training has become one of the most important elements of a player’s overall developmental training program. In order to achieve peak levels of performance on the basketball court players, of all ages and competitive levels, must be dedicated to a basketball weight training program.

Basketball Shooting: 10 Valuable Tips To Becoming A Better Shooter!August 2006 article: Whether a player is shooting a jump shot, lay-up, or free throw – there are certain techniques they must use to be successful. These basketball shooting tips will give players, parents and coaches a better understanding of what these techniques are!

Basketball Offense: 10 Bad Habits To Avoid! August 2006 article: In order for basketball players to be successful on the offensive end of the court they must develop good habits. At the same time, they should avoid or eliminate bad habits. By avoiding the ten bad habits listed below, players and teams will be much more successful on the offensive end of the court.

Basketball Coaching Tips: 8 Tips To Planning A Successful Practice August 2006 article: These 8 Coaching Tips are designed to help coaches plan their practices more effectively. These eight tips are very simple and straightforward – yet they can have a tremendous impact on how well a coach plans their practice.

Basketball Rebounding: Eight Qualities For Success August 2006 Article: Basketball rebounding is one of the most critical aspects of the game. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overlooked when it comes to practice time. To become great at rebounding, players should possess the eight qualities listed below.

Youth Sports: 10 Benefits Of Participation September 2006 Article: Millions of children across the country participate in youth sports. Not only do these young athletes have fun and enjoy themselves while they play, but they also get many positive benefits out of participating.

The Role Of The Youth Athlete September 2006 Article: The youth athlete has many responsibilities and duties as they participate in their sport. These ten responsibilities will help define their role as an athlete and help them become an integral part of their team.

How To Play Basketball Defense: 10 Tips For Success September 2006 Article: “Defense wins championships”. That’s a very common statement when describing the most successful teams in basketball. These ten criteria will explain what it takes to become a complete defensive basketball player!

Making A Basketball Pass – 17 Tips For Success! November 2006 Article: Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of basketball is passing. In order for a team to move the ball effectively they must be efficient at basketball passing.

Basketball Dribbling – 10 Keys To Success! November 2006 Article: Basketball Dribbling is probably one of the most popular skills of the game – second only to shooting. Players at every level of competition love to dribble the basketball! There’s something about having that basketball in your hands that just feels magical!