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Learn To Handle The Rock More Effectively With These Basketball Ballhandling Tips

Why are these Basketball Ballhandling Tips so important? Well, let’s think about the game of basketball for a minute. Every offensive skill in basketball – shooting, passing, catching, dribbling, individual moves and rebounding – requires players to handle the ball.

In order to do this effectively, players must first understand the proper techniques and then they must practice these techniques.

These basketball ballhandling tips are a great source of information for players, parents and coaches. For more information on practicing and improving specific ballhandling skills, please visit our page on basketball ballhandling drills.

Ballhandling Tips

  • Players should hold and control the basketball with the padded part of their fingers, known as their finger pads.
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  • Players should avoid using their palms to control the ball.
  • Players should keep their fingers spread apart to help control the basketball.
  • Players should practice ballhandling drills that will improve their control of the basketball.
  • Players should be comfortable handling the basketball. The ball should be an extension of their hand.



I hope you found these Ballhandling Tips to be helpful and informative. Ball-handling skills are needed for every offensive skill in basketball. By improving their ballhandling ability, players become more confident and comfortable controlling the basketball. This is essential to becoming an effective basketball player.

If you need more great information on these basketball tips or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.


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