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Basketball Coaching Drills Designed to Help You Succeed

If you’re looking for Basketball Coaching Drills that will help you become more effective at teaching your players the fundamentals of the game – you’ve come to the right place!

Coaching youth basketball is an incredible experience – if you are properly prepared for it. An important part of being prepared is having drills that will teach your players the fundamental skills of basketball.

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As a coach you should have a wide variety of drills that teach the fundamentals of the game in a fun and challenging way. Don’t worry, you don’t need hundreds of drills to teach the fundamentals. This would be confusing to both you and your players.

What you do need is a solid foundation of drills that properly teach your players the fundamentals of basketball, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, etc…

Once you have this foundation established and once you and your players are comfortable with these drills, you should focus on continual repetition to help improve their overall skill level. When your players begin to master these drills and become more proficient at the various skills, then you can add some variety to your foundation of drills.

How you plan your practices and which drills you decide to use will depend on your coaching style, philosophy and strategy. My best advice to you would be to start with the basic drills that focus on teaching the fundamentals, and then build from there.

Basketball Drills For Success

These Basketball Coaching Drills are designed to give you a thorough understanding of the basic skills needed to coach and play basketball. Regardless of what level you coach; basic basketball skills are the foundation needed to be successful. In order to improve your coaching skills, you must understand and master these basic skills of basketball.

Basketball coaches, especially new ones, spend most of their time practicing the fun stuff. This would include offensive skills that involve a basketball. Dribbling, passing, shooting and rebounding. I think this is a mistake!

I would encourage you to teach your players all the skills needed to be a solid youth basketball player. This would include defensive skills and offensive skills without the ball (such as cutting and screening). When these skills are combined with the fun stuff mentioned above – then we have a complete, all-around youth basketball player. This signifies a job well done by the coach!

As I stated earlier, these basketball coaching drills are designed to help you teach your players the fundamental skills of the game! Having said that, let me emphasize a few things first.

As you teach these drills to your players you must remember to keep practice fun, challenging and competitive. Take into account the various skill levels on your team and be sure to let the players develop at their own pace. They won’t all learn at the same pace. Some will pick these new skills up quicker than others. That’s fine, as long as they are all working to get better.

The Basketball Coaching Drills below focus on the fundamental skills of basketball. They are broken down into several categories. When you click on one of the links you will be taken to a separate page. On that page, several drills will be given to help you teach your players that aspect of the game. I hope you enjoy these drills! Best of luck!

Effective Basketball Coaching Drills

1. Fundamental Movements

Effective play on offense and defense begins with the proper stance and footwork. These drills will help players understand and become comfortable with these fundamentals.

2. Cuts And Moves Without The Ball

Offensive players will spend 80% of their time cutting and moving without the basketball. These drills will help them become more efficient at this.

3. Ball-handling

These drills will help players become comfortable and confident when handling the basketball.

4. Dribbling

Great drills to improve dribbling fundamentals and techniques.

5. Passing

Passing and catching is often overlooked by players and coaches. These drills focus on the proper mechanics needed to be effective.

6. Shooting

Great shooting takes practice and dedication. These drills will help players develop the proper form, technique and confidence needed to be an effective shooter.

7. Moves With The Ball

Players that can move well with the basketball are always much more effective on offensive. These drills will help players develop their offensive moves.

8. Rebounding

Rebounding is such a critical part of the game. These drills will teach players to go aggressively after the basketball.


I hope you find these Basketball Coaching Drills to be helpful and informative. It is important to remember that one of your main goals as a basketball coach, regardless of your level of competition, is to teach your players the fundamental skills of the game. By learning, understanding and teaching the drills above, you are giving your players a solid foundation of the basketball fundamentals.