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Basketball Coaching Tips…Your Keys to Success

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Are you involved in Basketball Coaching? If so, you know that there are many areas and aspects of the game that need to be covered in order to be successful.

Coaches have to focus on the skill development of each player while working to improve the overall development of their team. Each coach will have their own unique style of coaching. This will include how they view the game of basketball, their philosophy of the game, as well as their practice and game strategies.

These areas are all extremely important to each coach’s development and growth. However, I think there are certain characteristics and attributes that a coach needs to possess in order to be effective. These attributes, combined with the areas mentioned above, will help shape their overall coaching style.

Valuable Basketball Coaching Attributes

1. Comprehension Of Coaching Basketball.

  • Coaches should have a thorough knowledge of the rules, techniques, skills, and strategies of the game.
  • Coaches should be able to plan and run a safe, effective basketball practice.
  • Coaches should have proper training in first aid and CPR. They should be prepared to handle minor injuries.

2. Basketball Coaching Goals.

  • Coaches should provide an enjoyable experience for all players.
  • Coaches should help players improve their overall skills of basketball.
  • Coaches should properly plan for every practice, game, and meeting.
  • Coaches should set goals for their players to work towards. These goals should include individual skill development as well as overall team development.

3. Affection For Your Players.

  • Coaches should enjoy working with young athletes. This is an obvious one!
  • Coaches should be patient with their players as they learn new and often difficult skills.
  • Coaches should treat each player fairly – just as they would want their child treated.
  • Coaches should be positive and upbeat. They should show their players their enthusiasm for the game and the team.
  • Coaches should show their players that they truly care about them. This means so much to young athletes!

4. Basketball Coaching Character.

  • Coaches should be a positive role model for their players. This means they should behave appropriately at all times.
  • Coaches should be consistent with what they say and do. Their words and actions should not contradict themselves.
  • Coaches should keep their emotions under control. They should try to remain level-headed at all times – not too high, not too low.
  • Coaches should avoid criticizing their players in a negative manner. Instead, they should make positive and constructive criticism.

5. Basketball Coaching And Humor.

  • Coaches should remain upbeat during practices and games.
  • Coaches should make practices and games fun by allowing everyone to participate.
  • Coaches should keep all players involved in the drills during practice.
  • Coaches should smile and laugh during practices and games. This will remind their players to have fun and enjoy themselves.

In order to be successful at basketball coaching, I think it’s important for all coaches to work on these five attributes. If you are a new coach, make an effort to focus on these attributes. This will help you establish your own unique coaching style. By doing this, you are guaranteeing yourself and your players a fun, rewarding and enjoyable basketball experience.

If you are an experienced coach, make sure your coaching style includes these five attributes. If it doesn’t, take the steps necessary to incorporate them into your style of coaching. Hey, it’s never too late to change!

Best of luck with your coaching experience!


I hope you found these tips on Coaching Basketball to be helpful and informative. By focusing on these attributes and incorporating them into your coaching style, you are setting yourself up for success! Your success and enjoyment as a coach directly translates into success and enjoyment by your players. It’s a win-win situation!

If you need more great information on coaching or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.