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Basketball Communication – What To Say

Can you suggest something supportive to say to my girls (twins) after a basketball game that hasn’t gone well.

Maybe they didn’t play so well, or they lost, or someone missed a critical shot at the end of the game, etc. It feels funny to me to say to them “great game” or “good job” when I know they didn’t play as well as they usually do or maybe just had an off game.

I want to be supportive and want them to know I am proud of them no matter how the basketball game went.

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Feb 15, 2012
Believe In God
by: Anonymous Tell them that yes they will have off nights but that, they should always believe in themselves and everyone on the team no matter what happens. No one likes losing, but sometimes a loss is for the better, it drives you to do what no one thinks you can, meaning you have a bad taste and you you have get rid of it. They need to have faith in themselves and in God. God gave them the ability to play basketball. A quote I love is, God gave you thew talent to play basketball, how you use that talent is how you repay God for what he has done for you.

Feb 11, 2008
Always stay positive…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Hi Michelle,I have to definitely agree with the other comment made – keep everything positive for your girls.I don’t think it’s wrong to say “great game” or “good job” even when they don’t play their best. If they played hard, had fun and were good sports – then in my eyes…that’s a great game. Win or lose.By saying these things and talking with them about their basketball games, practices, etc… you will be showing them that you’re a proud parent.Best of luck to you and your daughters!

Feb 11, 2008
Be positive
by: Anonymous Hi I have 2 daughters in basketball. I have found while watching the game if there is one shot or a great move, remember it and point that out first.If she wants to talk about the negative points of the game she will. But again always have that positive. We always tend to dwell to much thought on the negative.[Home][Top DVDs][Basketball Forums]
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