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Basketball Conditioning Drill: 5 in 65

Steve Nash Picture

Steve Nash Picture

Level – Beginner and up.

Instructions – Players spread out on the baseline. The coach should be positioned at half-court with a stop watch.

On the coach’s whistle the players sprint as fast as they can to the opposite baseline and back five times. The coach should time how long it takes the players to finish.

Note – High school players should be able to complete five trips within 65 seconds. The time may need to be modified for younger players.

Variations – The players can dribble a basketball and perform a jump stop and pivot at each baseline. The time would need to be adjusted for this.

This is a great conditioning drill. The coach can also make it more challenging by lowering the time as the season goes on.

Simple & Effective Conditioning Drill
by: Joe Waters

Great basketball drill Tony! The thing I like most about this conditioning drill is that it gives the players a personal and team challenge to overcome.

Sprint back and forth five times in 65 seconds. Now that makes them have to hustle…not just run 5 sprints. It challenges the players to push themselves to meet the time requirement.

I’m not a huge fan of sprints, but conditioning does play a big role in the overall success of the basketball players and team.

Having said that, this basketball drill is much more effective than just running “suicides” at the end of practice. Plus, the variation Tony added on is great. Anytime a player can do a conditioning drill with a basketball – the better.

Again, great basketball drill Tony…especially the variation you added!