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Dominate The Game With These Basketball Defensive Fundamentals

By learning and understanding the Basketball Defensive Fundamentalsbelow:



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  • Players will become intelligent and aggressive defensive players.
  • Parents will be able to help their child practice and learn the techniques needed to become a solid defender.
  • Coaches will increase their knowledge and understanding of proper defensive play. They will be much more effective at teaching this important part of the game.

Enjoy these basketball defensive fundamentals and best of luck!

Effective Basketball Defensive

  • Stay low. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Your hands should be up and out at 45 degrees about chest height.
  • Force your opponent out of the middle and to the side. This is done by playing slightly to one side of them.
  • Know which hand is your opponent’s weak hand.
  • Overplay your opponent’s strong hand side to force them to dribble the ball with their weak hand.
  • In the open court beat your opponent to a spot where they want to go. This forces them to change their direction or pace.
  • Avoid backpedaling against the dribbler on a fast break. Instead, go to the dribbler to force an early decision.
  • Be pro-active on defense, not re-active.
  • Play tight defense on your opponent. Get close to them to take them out of their comfort zone.
  • Do not open up too much when taking a drop step on your defensive slide. Remember to keep your high foot’s heel in line with low foot’s toes.
  • If your opponent beats you, pick out a spot down the court and run hard to get back in front of them before that spot.
  • When defending the ball, keep the lead hand high and the follow hand low. This allows you to harass the pass and dribble.

More Basketball Defensive

  • When the ball becomes dead, get tight up on your opponent and hover over the ball.
  • Put a hand up in front of your players face to obstruct a good view of the basket.
  • Yell “SHOT!” when the shot goes up so your teammates know to box out and rebound.
  • Keep your hands straight up when defending the post from behind.
  • Stay between your man, the ball and the basket whenever possible.
  • Always know where the ball is when you are on defense. Be aware of your man and the ball at all times.
  • Good defenders take risks occasionally. When the time is right – go for the steal, run into the passing lanes – this keeps the offense honest.
  • If a player has not used their dribble, don’t defend them too tightly.
  • Avoid jumping on shot fakes, or taking backward steps on foot fakes. Maintain your defensive position.
  • Most offensive players will make a fake before they do something. Learn to expect the fake and react to it accordingly.
  • When defending a good shooter play hard off the ball defense. Don’t let the shooter get the ball. Make them work so hard to get open, that they will be too tired to shoot if they do get it.
  • Playing tough individual and team defense creates many turnovers and easy scoring opportunities. This helps the effectiveness of the team offense.