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Valuable Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals For Players And Coaches

By learning and understanding the Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals below:

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  • Players will improve the skills needed to be more effective at dribbling the basketball.
  • Parents will be able to help their child practice the proper techniques of dribbling.
  • Coaches will increase their knowledge and understanding of dribbling. They will also become more effective at teaching this important skill.


Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals


  • Knees bent, back straight, head up, protection arm (or non-dribbling arm) up.
  • Use finger tip control with a loose wrist.
  • Keep your dribble low – avoid dribbling above your waist.
  • Look at the basket, but see the whole court. This increases your court vision and makes you more of an offensive threat.
  • Don’t dribble to advance the ball up the court when an open pass to a teammate is available.
  • Don’t dribble too soon upon receiving the ball. First look for an open teammate, if no pass is available – then use your dribble.
  • Don’t stop your dribble too early. Try to keep it alive until you’re ready to pass or shoot. When you are under pressure keep the dribble low and away from the defender.
  • Put your protection arm up on all change-of-pace and change-of-direction moves (stop and go, crossovers, spin, etc…).
  • Change your pace after every change of direction move. This keeps the defense off balance.
  • Practice dribbling at different intensities and speeds.
  • Learn to pass accurately off the dribble.
  • Practice dribbling with both the right and left hand.
  • Practice twice as hard on your weak hand until it is as strong as your dominant hand.
  • Dribble with the basketball away from the defender.
  • In general, when going to your left – dribble with your left hand and when going to your right dribble with your right hand.
  • Get the ball to the middle of the court on the fast break, there are more passing options from there.