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Free Basketball Fast Break Drills

These Basketball Fast Break Drills are designed to help players and coaches execute the fast break more effectively!

There is no doubt that one of the most exciting aspects of basketball is the fast break. Players, coaches and fans all love the fast break! It’s the part of the game that demonstrates the players’ athletic ability and creativity better than any other part.

Regardless of the level of competition or experience, players love to get out and run the basketball fast break! Thinking back to when I played youth basketball, and even into my adult years, running the fast break was one of my most enjoyable aspects of the game.

I think this has a lot to do with growing up watching Magic Johnson and Larry Bird play. Their teams ran the basketball fast break better than any other. If you were fortunate enough to have been able to watch their teams then you know what I’m talking about.

These are two good and contrasting examples of how to effectively run the fast break. Magic and the Lakers were more flashy when they ran the break, while Larry and the Celtics were more basic. However, the end result was the same – easy scoring opportunities for their teams.

The basketball fast break drills below are designed to do just that – teach players how to create easy scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates by effectively running the fast break.

By learning and understanding the following Basketball Fast Break Drills

  • Players will be able to execute this aspect of their game more effectively on the basketball court.
  • Parents will have a better understanding of the skills their child needs to work on in order to improve this part of their game.
  • Coaches will have a solid foundation of drills they can use to teach their players how to effectively run the fast break.

Basketball Fast Break Drills

Basketball Fast Break Drill #1: 11-Man Fast Break

Description – This is an excellent drill used to teach the 3-on-2 fast break. It is a continuous drill that the players love to run. I think it’s one of the best for teaching the fundamentals of the fast break.

Instructions – The players will set up in the following manner: Two defensive players will be in each of the free throw lanes, one player will be at each of the four outlet areas (hash mark area), and three offensive players will be at half-court (the middle player will have the basketball).

The three offensive players will start the drill by running a 3-on-2 fast break to one end of the court. The two defenders at that end must work to stop the offensive players from scoring.

When a shot is taken, all five players will go after the rebound. The player that gets the rebound will make an outlet pass to the one of the outlet players who will be in the wing area. The outlet player will then dribble the basketball to the middle of the court, while the rebounder will sprint to fill the outlet player’s lane. These two players, along with the other outlet player will now run a 3-on-2 fast break to the other end of the court.

The four players that did not get the rebound will now fill the open positions on their end of the court – two on defense and two outlets.

This drill will continue up and down the court in this manner for a specified amount of time.

Players – 11.

Tips – Outlet players must remember to come to meet the outlet pass, and then dribble to the middle to run the fast break.

Variations – The players can be assigned specific shots to take on the fast break (jump shot, lay-up, etc…). Also, if the rebounder is a guard, they can be allowed to dribble the basketball up the middle to start the fast break.

Skills – Fast Break, Lay-ups, Defense, Rebounding, Outlet Pass, & Conditioning.

Basketball Fast Break Drill #2: Dog Days

Description – This is a great drill that combines the fundamentals of the fast break with conditioning.

Instructions – This drill starts with four players: The post player will start with the ball in front of the basket. The point guard will start at half-court. One wing will start in each of the corners.

The post player will start the drill by throwing the basketball off the backboard and then grabbing the rebound. As this is happening the point guard will run back to the free throw line area, and the two wings will start sprinting up their sidelines (inbounds).

The rebounder will turn and make an outlet pass to the point guard who will then turn and run the fast break with the two wings. As this is happening, the post player should be sprinting down the court for the rebound.

The players should make short, quick passes and work for the best shot. After the shot is taken, the wings will cross under the basket and start to sprint up the opposite sideline. The post player will grab the rebound and throw an outlet pass to the point guard at the foul line area – and the drill will repeat to the other end of the court.

Players – 4.

Tips – The players should work to not let the basketball hit the floor. This requires accurate passing and constant hustling. Also, this drill can be run for a specific amount of time or until the players make a certain number of shots.

Variations – The following shots can be taken: Wing jump shots, Point guard jump shots, Lay-ups for the trailing post player.

Skills – Fast Break, Lay-ups, Rebounding, Outlet Pass, & Conditioning.

Basketball Fast Break Drill #3: Full Court Lay-Ups

Description – This is a great drill that players at all levels of competition love! Once again, it combines conditioning and running the fast break.

Instructions – The players will divide into two equal groups – one at the outlet area and one under the basket with two basketballs. Player 1 will start the drill by bouncing the ball off the backboard, grabbing the rebound and then throwing a quick and accurate outlet pass to player 2 (who is in the outlet line).

Player 2 will then dribble to the middle of the floor and head to the opposite free throw line. After making the outlet pass, player 1 will sprint up the sideline, following their pass, and head directly toward the opposite basket. Player 2 will make an accurate pass to player 1 as they approach the basket for a lay-up.

After the shot is made, player 1 must rebound the basketball, step out of bounds, and prepare to throw an inbounds pass to player 2. As this is happening, player 2 will be sprinting up the opposite sideline looking for a long inbounds pass from player 1. After receiving the pass, player 2 should drive in for a lay-up. The players will then switch lines.

Once players 1 and 2 reach the opposite end of the court, the next two players should start. This will keep them in constant motion and improve their conditioning level.

Players – 6 Or Entire Team.

Tips – Player 1 must sprint up the sideline and then cut to the basket as they approach the foul-line extended area. Player 2 must come to a jump stop at the foul line before passing to player 1. Also, the outlet player must come toward the outlet pass to minimize the chance of a steal being made.

Variations – Defensive players can be added to defend the outlet pass, rebound and lay-ups.

Skills – Fast Break, Lay-ups, Rebounding, Outlet Pass, & Conditioning.


I hope you found these Basketball Fast Break Drills to be helpful and informative. The fast break is definitely one of the most exciting aspects of the game. It’s fun to run and fun to watch. But just like any other basketball skill, it must be practiced and perfected in order to run it properly.

The players and teams that are willing to put in the time to practice the basketball fast break drills above will be much more successful at this important and exciting aspect of the game!

Be sure to check out our youth basketball tips page for more great advice on the game of basketball!

Enjoy and best of luck!