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Basketball From Around The World

Picture of International Basketball Players

Basketball Forum Topic – Basketball From Around The World

I would like to suggest a basketball forum about how the game of basketball is being played in the different regions of the world.

It would be interesting to see each region’s point of view on the game, since each region of the world is playing a different brand of basketball.

Take for instance, in the USA where we have an NBA style of basketball. And that style of basketball is copied by the Filipinos.

The European style of basketball is very much different from the NBA. The NBA plays one on one and the players are very athletic and talented. They prefer the razzle and dazzle kind of game. While European basketball is more methodical, emphasizing passing, high percentage shot and very basic basketball with lots of set plays.

Latin American countries play like Europeans. The Chinese play differently. Since some Chinese players are now taller, their tall guys play like the Europeans and the smaller guys emphasize good shooting, just like the Koreans – who are legendary shooters of the region.

By creating this new basketball forum topic comparing and discussing basketball by regions, basketball will mutate into a brand of game wherein good quality play from each region will be adapted and will create the ultimate style of play.

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Jan 14, 2008
Great Idea
by: Joe Waters – webmaster This is a great idea for a new basketball forum. Thanks for the suggestion.[Home][Top DVDs][Basketball Forums][Free Newsletter][Featured Products]