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Basketball Glossary C-D

Welcome To Basketball Glossary C-D.

Basketball Glossary C-D:
Basketball Terms C

Carrying the ball: A violation that happens when a player dribbling the ball brings their hand underneath the ball and momentarily carries it. Also called “palming.”

Center: (1) The position in which a player, usually the tallest player on the team, stays near the basket. (2) The player who plays that position.

Center circle: The painted circle at midcourt used for the opening jump ball.

Charge: (1) A violation when a player with the ball runs into a defender who is standing still. Also called a “charging foul.” (2) To commit that violation.

Chest pass: An air pass thrown from the passer’s chest to a teammate’s chest. It can be a one-handed or two-handed pass.

Chin the ball: To hold the ball with both hands under the chin, elbows out, to protect the ball.

Clear-Out Play: A set play designed to clear an area of the court of all offensive players without the ball so the player with the ball can play 1-on-1.

Closing out: When a defender sprints to guard a player who has just received a pass.

Combination defense: A defense that is part man-to-man and part zone. Also called a “junk defense.”

Continuity offense: A sequence of player and ball movement that repeats until a good shot is created.

Control dribble: A dribble maneuver in which the player keeps their body between the defender’s body and the ball.

Court savvy: A term describing a player who makes good decisions on the court-who plays smart basketball.

Court vision: A term describing a player who sees and understands what all other players on the court are doing. This usually leads to having court savvy.

Crossover dribble: A dribble maneuver in which a player dribbles the ball in front of their body so they can change the ball from one hand to the other.

Cross screen: A movement in which a player cuts across the lane to screen for a teammate.

Curl cut: A cut that takes the player around a screen toward the basket.

Curl pass: A low, one-handed pass made by stepping around the defender’s leg and extending the throwing arm. Also called a “hook pass.”

Cut: (1) A sudden running movement to get open for a pass. (2) To make sure a move. Also called “flash.”

Basketball Glossary C-D:
Basketball Terms D

Dead ball: A stoppage of play called by the referee.

Dead-ball foul: A foul committed while the clock is stopped and the ball is not in play.

Defensive rebound: A rebound made off a missed shot at the basket a team is defending.

Defensive slide: The quick “step-slide” movement a defender makes when closely guarding the dribbler.

Defensive stance: The stance used to play defense-knees bent, feet wide, arms out, etc.

Defensive stop: Gaining possession of the ball before the offensive team scores.

Defensive transition: When the team on offense suddenly gives up possession of the ball and has to convert from offense to defense.

Delay offense: An offense used to take more time with each possession.

Denial defense: A defense in which a defender tries to prevent their man from receiving a pass.

Denial stance: The stance used to play denial defense-body low, knees bent, hand and foot in the passing lane.

Deny the ball: To use a denial stance to keep the offensive player from receiving a pass.

Diamond-and-one: A combination defense in which four defenders play zone in a diamond formation and the fifth defender guards a specific offensive player man-to-man.

Diamond Press: A full-court press with a 1-2-1-1 formation.

Dishing: A slang term for passing the ball to a player open for a shot, usually after dribble penetration.

Double down: To drop from the perimeter, leaving your man or zone, to double-team a low post player.

Double dribble: A violation in which a player picks up their dribble and starts to dribble again. A common occurrence with young players.

Double low stack: When two offensive players set up at one of the blocks to run a play.

Double screen: when two players line up next to each other to set screens for the same cutter.

Double-teaming: A defense in which two defenders guard the same offensive player at the same time.

Down screen: A play in which a player comes down from the perimeter or high post area to set a screen for a player in the low post area.

Dribble: (1) To advance the ball by bouncing it on the floor. (2) The bounce of the ball caused by a player pushing the ball downward.

Dribble penetration: When a dribbler is able to drive into the lane; she “penetrates” the defense.

Drive: To attack the basket by dribbling hard at it.

Drop step: A low post move when an offensive player with her back to the basket swings one leg around the defender and uses it as a pivot foot to gain inside position.

Dunk: A shot in which the player jumps high and throws the ball down through the basket. Also called a “slam,” a “jam,” and a “slam-dunk.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed basketball glossary c-d.