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Basketball Glossary E-F-G

Welcome To Basketball Glossary E-F-G.

Basketball Glossary E-F-G:
Basketball Terms E

Elbow: The corner made by the intersection of the free throw line and the lane line. Each lane area has two elbows.

End line: See baseline.

Basketball Glossary E-F-G:
Basketball Terms F

Face up: See square up.

Fade cut: A cut that takes the player away from the ball.

Fan the ball: When the defense forces the ball toward the sideline.

Fast break: A play in which a team gains possession of the ball (through a defensive rebound, steal, or made shot) and then pushes the ball toward the other basket as fast as possible, hoping to catch the other team off guard and score an easy shot.

Field goal: A 2-or 3-point basket.

Filling the lanes: A fast break in which players from the offensive team run up the court in the right lane, the middle lane, and the left lane.

Flagrant foul: Excessive physical contact (punching, kicking, etc.).

Flash: See cut.

Forward: A position usually played by a tall, athletic player. A “small forward” or a “3” plays on the wing, and a power forward or a “4” plays in the high or low post area.

Foul: A violation of the rules.

Foul line: See free throw line.

Foul shot: See free throw.

Foul trouble: (1) Player foul trouble occurs when a player accumulates three or four fouls and is in danger of fouling out. (2) Team foul trouble occurs when a team accumulates seven or more team fouls in a half and is “in the bonus.”

Free throw: An uncontested shot taken from the free throw line as a result of a foul. Also called a “foul shot.” A successful (made) free throw is worth 1 point.

Free throw line: The line a player stands behind to shoot a free throw. Also called the “foul line.”

Free throw line extended: An imaginary line extending from one end of the free throw line to the sidelines.

Front: To guard a player by standing directly in front of her and therefore between her and the ball.

Frontcourt: A team’s offensive half of the court. The opposite of the backcourt. Also refers to a team’s center and forwards.

Full-court press: A man-to-man or zone defense in which the players guard the other team in the frontcourt. Also called a “press.”

Funnel the ball: When the defense forces the ball toward the middle.

Basketball Glossary E-F-G:
Basketball Terms G

Give-and-go: An offensive play in which the player with the ball passes (gives) to a teammate and cuts (goes) to the basket to receive a return pass. One of the game’s basic plays.

Goaltending: A violation in which a defender touches a shot as it nears the basket in a downward flight.

Guard: (1) A position on the perimeter. The point guard or “1” brings the ball up the court and begins the offense. The shooting guard or “2” is usually the teams best outside shooter. (2) To defend an offensive player closely.

Guide hand: The shooter’s non-shooting hand. See also shooting hand.