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Basketball Glossary H-I-J-K

Welcome To Basketball Glossary H-I-J-K.

Basketball Glossary H-I-J-K:
Basketball Terms H

Half-court line: The line at the center of the court parallel to the sidelines that divides the court in half. Also called the “midcourt line.”

Hand-check: To make hand contact with a dribbler while guarding them.

Hedge: In a pick-and-roll, when the screener’s defender steps into the path of the dribbler so the dribbler has to hesitate, giving their defender time to get around the screen.

Held ball: A situation in which two players hold the ball in their hands simultaneously, but neither can pull it away from the other. Also called a jump ball.

Help and recover: A defensive move in which a defender leaves her assigned player to guard a teammate’s assigned player and then goes back to guard their own player.

Help side: The half of the court (if the court is divided lengthwise) that the ball in not on. Also called the “weak side.” The opposite of the ball side.

Help-side stance: The stance used to guard a help-side offensive player. See also pistol stance.

Hesitation dribble: A dribble maneuver in which the dribbler hesitates, pretending to pick up their dribble, but suddenly continues to the basket. Also called a “stop-and-go dribble.”

High post: The area around the free throw line.

Home run ball: When an inbounder or rebounder throws a long pass over the top of the defense.

Hook pass: See curl pass.

Hook shot: A one-handed shot taken with a sweeping, windmill motion.

Hoop: The basket or rim.

Hoops: Slang term for the game of basketball.

Hops: A term used to describe how high a player can jump, as in “Jim has great hops.”

Basketball Glossary H-I-J-K:
Basketball Terms I

Inbound: To pass the ball to a teammate on the court from out-of-bounds.

Inbounder: The player who inbounds the ball.

Inside-out dribble: An advanced dribbling move, a fake crossover dribble.

Intentional foul: A foul that occurs when a player makes illegal contact with an opposing player without intending to get the ball.

Isolation play: An offensive play designed to have a specific player attack the basket 1-on-1. Also called “iso play.”

Basketball Glossary H-I-J-K:
Basketball Terms J

Jab-and-cross: A play in which the offensive player makes a jab step in one direction and then follows it by driving by the defender in that direction.

Jab step: A short (6 to 8 inches) out-and-back step by an offensive player to see how the defender reacts.

Jam the cutter: When a defender steps in the way of a cutter to prevent them from cutting to the ball.

Jump ball: A procedure used to begin a game. The referee tosses up the ball in the center circle between two opposing players, who jump up and try to tip it to a teammate. Also called the “opening tip.”

Jump hook: A variation of the traditional hook shot in which the shooter takes the shot with both feet in the air.

Jump shot: A shot in which the shooter faces the basket and releases the ball after jumping into the air.

Jump stop: The action of coming to a complete stop, legs apart and knees bent, when dribbling or running; can be a one-foot or two-foot jump stop.

Jump to the ball: When a defender, after her man passes the ball, changing to a denial position so their man can’t cut between her and the ball.

Junk defense: See combination defense.

Basketball Glossary H-I-J-K:
Basketball Terms K

Kick the ball out: When a player near the basket passes the ball to a player on the perimeter.