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Basketball Glossary L-M-N-O

Welcome To Basketball Glossary L-M-N-O.

Basketball Glossary L-M-N-O:
Basketball Terms L

Lane: The rectangular painted area between the baseline, the lane lines, and the free throw line. Also called the “paint.”

Layup: A shot taken next to the basket in which the shooter extends their arm, lifts their same-side knee, and aims the ball at the upper corner of the painted square on the backboard.

Loose-ball foul: A foul committed when neither team has possession of the ball.

Low post: The area on one side of the basket around the block.

Basketball Glossary L-M-N-O:
Basketball Terms M

Man: The player a defender is assigned to guard. Also short for man-to-man defense.

Man offense: See man-to-man offense.

Man-to-man defense: A team defense in which each defender guards a specific player or man. Also called “player-to-player defense.”

Man-to-man offense: A team offense used against man-to-man defense. Also called “man offense.”

Midcourt line: See half-court line.

Mirror the ball: To follow the movement of the ball with your hands when closely guarding a player who is pivoting.

Moving pick: A violation that happens when a screener leans or moves after setting a screen.

Basketball Glossary L-M-N-O:
Basketball Terms N

Net: The cord lacing that hangs down from the rim.

Nonshooting foul: A foul committed against a player who is not in the act of shooting.

Nothing but net: An expression that means the shot swished through the basket without touching the rim.

Basketball Glossary L-M-N- O:
Basketball Terms O

Off-ball screen: A screen set on a defender guarding an offensive player who doesn’t have the ball. Also called a “player screen.”

Offensive rebound: A rebound at the basket a team is attacking.

Offensive transition: When the team on defense suddenly gives up possession of the ball and has to convert from defense to offense.

On-ball defense: Defense that occurs when a defender guards the player with the ball.

On-ball screen: A screen set on a defender guarding an offensive player who has the ball.

One-and-one: Free throws awarded to a team once its opponent has committed seven personal fouls. If the shooter’s first free throw is successful, they shoot a second free throw.

One-Guard Offense: A team offense used against zones with two-guard fronts (2-3 and 2-1-2 zones).

Open stance: The stance used to play help-side defense-feet apart, body balanced, knees bent, arms out.

Outlet: (1) To pass the ball after a defensive rebound to start the fast break. (2) The player who stays in the backcourt to receive an outlet pass.

Outlet pass: An overhead pass thrown by a defender that starts the fast break.

Overhead pass: A two-handed pass thrown from above the player’s head.

Overtime: A 5-minute extra period played when the game is tied at the end of regulation play.