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Basketball Glossary R-S

Basketball Terms R

Ready stance: The balanced position from which a player is ready to run, jump, slide, or pivot. Their knees are bent, hands are up and out, back is straight, and head is up.

Rebound: (1) A missed shot that comes off the backboard or rim. (2) To fight for and gain control of a missed shot that comes off the backboard or rim.

Rejection: A blocked shot.

Reserve: See substitute.

Retreat step: A step in which the defender’s back foot steps toward the baseline, and the lead foot slides in place.

Runner: A shot that the player shoots while running, without taking the time to set up the shot. Also called a “floater.”

Running clock: When the clock in a game isn’t stopped every time the referee blows the whistle to ensure that the game ends on time and the next game can begin when scheduled. Often used in middle school and AAU games.

Basketball Glossary R-S:
Basketball Terms S

Safety: The offensive player at the top of the circle.

Sag: A tactic in which a defender leaves their man or zone and drops into the lane to help protect the basket.

Sagging man-to-man defense: A conservative defense in which the defenders stay between their man and the basket.

Screen: A play in which an offensive player runs over and stands in a stationary position next to a teammate’s defender to free up the teammate to dribble or to receive a pass.

Screen away: To pass in one direction and set a screen for a teammate in the opposite direction.

Screener: A player who sets a screen.

Sealing the defender: After setting a screen, the screener does a reverse pivot to “seal” the defender-put the defender on her back.

Secondary break: A fast break that involves most of the players from each team.

Set play: A sequence of player and ball movement that has an end.

Shagger: A player who, in a drill, collects loose balls and returns them to the passer.

Shell drills: Defensive drills designed to work on all aspects of defense.

Shooter’s roll: When a shot doesn’t go through the basket cleanly, but bounces around softly before dropping through.

Shooting foul: A violation that happens when a defender fouls the shooter and the shot scores. The shooter is awarded 2 points and a free throw.

Shooting guard: (1) A position played by a perimeter player who is usually the team’s best outside shooter. Also called the “2.” (2) The person playing this position.

Shooting hand: The hand used to shoot the ball. See also guide hand.

Shot clock: The clock used to limit the time allowed for a team to attempt a shot. Shot clocks are used in pro and college games, in some high school leagues, but not in middle school and youth leagues.

Shot clock violation: A violation that occurs when the team with the ball doesn’t get a shot off during the allotted time. It results in a change of possession.

Shot fake: A movement in which the player with the ball acts as if they are about to shoot. It is designed to trick the defender into straightening up, allowing the player with the ball to dribble past them. Also called a “pump fake.”

Sideline: The line at each side of the court that marks the boundary of the playing surface.

Sideline play: A play used by the offensive team to put the ball back in play from the sideline.

Sixth man: The first substitute who comes off the bench to replace a starter.

Skip pass: An overhead pass from one side of the court to the other over the defense.

Slasher: A wing player with an ability to drive into the lane for easy shots and an ability to slice into the lane for rebounds.

Soft hands: A term used to describe a player who has good hand control with the ball-who is a good passer and receiver.

Speed dribble: A dribble maneuver in which the player pushes the ball ahead of her and bounces it at chest height.

Spin dribble: A dribble maneuver in which the player does a reverse pivot while bringing the ball around them so it ends up in their other hand.

Splitting the screen: When the screener, seeing her defender hedging, gets out of her screening stance and cuts to the basket for a pass.

Splitting the trap: When a trapped player steps in between the defenders to pass the ball.

Square up: To pivot so the shoulders and feet face the basket. Also called “face up.”

Staggered screen: When two players not next to each other set simultaneous screens for the same cutter.

Steal: (1) To intercept a pass and gain possession of the ball. (2) The name for the action.

Stop-and-go dribble: See hesitation dribble.

Stop and pop: An offensive move in which a player comes to a sudden stop, picks up her dribble, and shoots the ball.

Strong side: See ball side. The opposite of “weak side.”

Substitute: A player who comes in the game to replace another player. Also called a “sub.”

Swing step: A defensive step in which the defender does a reverse pivot with one foot and stays in her on-ball stance.

Switch: A movement in which two defenders change the offensive player each is guarding.

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