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Basketball Goals

When purchasing basketball goals, there are many factors to consider. Basketball hoops are not all created equal and if you want quality equipment, you want a good, pro-style system.

Basic Requirements for a Pro-style System

One reason people desire professional-style basketball systems is because they hope to one day play professionally, or because they hope their children can one day play professionally. Teens that hope to get basketball scholarships for college can also benefit from pro-style basketball goals. Of course many of us will never play basketball professionally or earn a scholarship, but anyone that is serious about the game can still benefit from a quality professional-style system.

Professional-style basketball systems must meet certain criteria. Here are the minimum standards a pro-style system should include:

  • Backboard made from acrylic or shatterproof tempered glass.
  • Flexible, breakaway basketball hoops.
  • Water-resistant materials, such as rustproof coating and nylon bushings where metal touches metal.
  • Adjustable height so the basketball hoops can be set at the precise level needed.
  • Heavy padding surrounding the posts of the basketball goals.
  • Meets safety standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Optional Features of Basketball Hoops

While the above features are the basic requirements you need in basketball goals, there are many additional features you may find useful or convenient in a basketball hoop. A pro-style basketball system is quite an investment, so many serious players prefer to select additional features that they’ll enjoy.

Some special features to consider include:

  • Lighted basketball hoops for nighttime play (particularly useful for serious players that want to be able train at any time).
  • Motorized height adjustment (saves time and trouble when you need to adjust the height of your basket).
  • Easy installation that you can do yourself (even if you’re not particularly mechanically inclined).
  • Guaranteed durability.


Portability is another important consideration when selecting professional-style basketball goals. You don’t have to have portable goals, but they are a convenient feature. While some people suppose portable goals would not be very sturdy or would not meet the other criteria for a pro-style system, that’s not really the case. Others imagine that installing permanent goals will increase the resale value of their home but that’s not necessarily the case, either; not all families look for homes with high quality basketball systems, after all.

Sturdy, professional-style basketball systems are available in portable styles. They typically work by bolting the footings of the goal posts to anchors installed in the concrete that supports the goals. When you wish to reinstall the system elsewhere, you simply pour new concrete, put a new anchor in place, then unbolt the posts, move them to their new locations and reattach them to the bolts.

Not Just for the Wealthy

Cost is a factor for many sports fans and basketball players. If you’re a wealthy pro, you can probably afford any professional-style basketball system out there. If you’re like the rest of us, you want a quality system but you also need an affordable one.

There is a wide range of prices for pro-style equipment, depending on which special features you select to purchase. However, especially with a portable system, you can consider your profession-style basketball system to be a long-term investment. And with careful shopping, you should be able to find a system that is within your price range.

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