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Basketball Inspirational Quotes For Players, Parents & Coaches

I don’t know about you, but I love reading Basketball Inspirational Quotes! There’s something about reading a quote or saying from a well-known basketball coach or player that really inspires me!

As a player, I used to enjoy reading what the NBA legends like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Dr. J had to say about certain aspects of the game. Their words truly motivated me as a player.

As a coach, I always look to coaching legends like Coach John Wooden, Coach K, and Coach Bobby Knight for words of inspiration and motivation. Their basketball quotes, along with the quotes of many other coaches and players, have always had a major influence on the way I coach and approach the game of basketball.

I hope you enjoy these basketball quotes as much as I do. I also hope they have a positive influence on you as you approach the game basketball. Enjoy!

For your convenience, I have divided these great basketball quotes into several categories. Simply click on any of the links below and you will be taken to another page filled with great quotes.

Basketball Inspirational Quotes

1. Basketball Quotes.

Great basketball quotes from some of the most successful college and professional players and coaches!

2. Coach K Quotes.

Inspirational quotes from Coach K of Duke University!

3. John Wooden Quotes.

Incredible quotes from legendary coach John Wooden of UCLA!

4. Bobby Knight Quotes.

Great quotes from college coach Bobby Knight!

5. Jim Valvano Quotes.

Inspirational quotes from the unforgettable “Jimmy V!”

6. Pat Riley Quotes.

Inspiring and motivating quotes from NBA coach Pat Riley!

7. Phil Jackson Quotes.

Great quotes from one of the most successful NBA coaches of all time!

8. Rick Pitino Quotes.

Amazing quotes from one of the most successful NCAA coaches of all-time.

9. Don Meyer Quotes.

Incredible quotes from the 3rd winningest NCAA coach of all-time.

10. Famous Basketball Coach Quotes 

Inspirational quotes from some of the most legendary coaches of the game.

11. More Famous Coaching Quotes

Find even more basketball coaching quotes from the legends of the game.

12. Larry Bird Quotes.

Inspirational quotes from “Larry the Legend!”

13. Magic Johson Quotes.

Great quotes from the “Magic Man!”

14. Michael Jordan Quotes.

Famous quotes from the greatest player of all time!


I hope you find these Basketball Inspirational Quotes to be helpful and informative. These are all great quotes from some of the most successful and respected coaches and players in college and professional basketball.

Best of luck with your basketball season!