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The Revolutionary IntelliGym Takes Basketball Mental Training To The Next Level

The Basketball IntelliGym is the world’s first Basketball Mental Training tool designed for basketball players.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Is Basketball Your Life?
  • Do you dream of becoming an impact player?
  • Would you like to take your game to the next level?
  • Would you like to improve your real-time decision-making skills?
  • Want to enhance your court sense?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you can now participate in the only basketball mental training program designed to boost your assists and steals, and cut down on your turnovers.

The Basketball IntelliGym is the first training program in the world that dramatically improves basketball game-intelligence skills. Whether you are trying to make your junior high school basketball team, improve your play on the playground or get a college scholarship, the IntelliGym will help you get there.

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The Importance of Basketball Mental Training

All dedicated basketball players understand the importance of properly training and conditioning their bodies. They work everyday on the the basketball court, lift weights, watch their diet, and memorize game drills and moves. We all (players, coaches and parents) realize these are vital aspects of being a complete basketball player. The one area that is missing, or often overlooked, is the importance of basketball mental training.

Think about the game of basketball for a minute. Each time you make a decision of the court, you use your brain skills. You decide where to position yourself at every second of the game. You drive, shoot, pass, and screen continuously throughout the game. These moves aren’t always as simple as they seem. They require an excellent understanding of the movement taking place on the court, as well as continuous decision-making under intense pressure.

These basketball “brain skills”, often called instincts, can be dramatically improved with proper training – called basketball mental training. This is similar to exercising your muscles. The more and harder you work…the stronger your get! With the Basketball IntelliGym you can now start working on the muscles of the brain – making you a more intelligent player.

The Basketball IntelliGym will not teach you how to pass, dribble or shoot better – or when to run the fast break or walk the basketball down the court.

However, this revolutionary basketball mental training program will help you dramatically improve your decision making, shot selection and execution, help you understand plays (yours and your opponents), widen your peripheral vision and eliminate unwanted tendencies. In essence, it will make your mind fresher and sharper…especially in crunch time.

What Exactly Is The Basketball IntelliGym?

The Basketball IntelliGym is a computer program. It looks and plays like a video game, but it is actually a sophisticated basketball mental training system.

The IntelliGym was tested on players of all levels and age groups. The results have been phenomenal! Using with the Basketball IntelliGym for just 30 minutes once or twice a week, for only a few weeks, will provide a substantial improvement in skills like real-time decision making, anticipation, concentration, attention-span, team-play, fast response time and court sense.

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basketball mental training, basketball IntelliGym, IntelliGym, john calipari, basketball training,

Read What These Experts Have To Say About Basketball Mental Training With The IntelliGym

In the game of basketball, it is not about who runs faster or jumps higher, but about who makes better decisions and fewer mistakes. This is the first time I see a training tool that can actually improve game intelligence skills of basketball players. The Basketball IntelliGym is revolutionary.— Coach Hubie Brown – Hall of Fame, Coached 3 NBA Teams, ESPN Basketball AnalystAfter all is said and done, the IntelliGym trains players in making the right choices. The guys that really bought in, it helped. Some guys didn’t buy in, and these are the same guys that make bad decisions. It’s that simple.— Coach John Calipari – University of Memphis, Head CoachThe Basketball IntelliGym is revolutionary and any coach that will look at it will recognize immediately what it can do for his players…I wouldn’t be surprised if five years from now every college and pro team in the U.S. will have the IntelliGym Trainer as an integral component of its training system. In a championship game, all other factors being equal, the coach that used the IntelliGym system will most likely be the one cutting off the nets.— Coach Jim Calhoun – University of Connecticut, Head CoachWe are having the best season this school has had in about ten years… They have all been improving… The IntelliGym provided us with the most successful season in our schools history.— Coach Craig Madzinski – Providence Catholic High SchoolIf your team is competing at a high level, you are missing something if you don’t take a serious look at this program. Next year, and the year after you might find yourself beaten by a more focused and intelligent team late in games because it is our opinion that more teams will be adding this cognitive practice tool to their team practices, strength training, and athletic development sessions.— Coach Alan Lambert – President and CEO, Basketball Highway and 5-Star Hoops

The Basketball IntelliGym
Is Getting Rave Reviews

  • Slam Magazine (May ’07 Edition) – SLAM Magazine reviews the Basketball IntelliGym and summarizes: “If it’s good enough for NCAA Champion Florida Gators, it’s good enough for you…”
  • NJ TechNews (April, 2007) – This technology magazine reviews the product and summarizes: “It is the only training tool that actually increases players’ game intelligence.”
  • Rise Magazine (March, 2007) – On its ‘Check It Out’ section, Rise Magazine writes: “The Basketball IntelliGym is a revolutionary intellectual training system that increases a baller’s game intelligence and hones instincts.”
  • The Charlotte Observer (March, 2007) – “When I got a computer CD from a company called ACE that was designed to make you a better basketball player, I wasn’t expecting much. But the Basketball IntelliGym was a pleasant surprise. By using a series of game-like screens, the trainer re-creates game situations and actually helps train the players to make better decisions. I know of about 50 high school and college coaches in the immediate area that need to invest in one of these things…”

Watch These IntelliGym Video Clips

If you still need more proof that Basketball Mental Training with the IntelliGym is the “real deal”…check out the video clips below.

Here is a product review of The Basketball IntelliGym as seen on The Lab, a sports TV show.

This informative video explains how and why the IntelliGym works.

Two Versions Of The Basketball IntelliGym

Depending on your level of competition and your commitment to improve your basketball mental training, there are two versions of the Basketball IntelliGym.

The Basketball IntelliGym Personal Edition

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Features of The Basketball IntelliGym Personal Edition:

  • Contains 19 training sessions.
  • The program starts with a battery test in order to adjust the program to each player’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The system then trains basketball related skills such as decision-making, court vision, anticipation, shot selection, team play and execution.
  • The training program is designed for 4 to 6 months of brain training.


The Basketball IntelliGym Gold Edition

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Features Of The Basketball IntelliGym Gold Edition:

  • Intended for committed players who are involved with year-round competition.
  • In addition to the full Basketball IntelliGym Personal Edition content, the Gold Edition includes training under extreme time constraints emphasizing shot-clock time management.
  • Another key element included in the Gold edition is the IntelliGym Maintenance Training Phase. This part of the training program will help you cope with the influence of routine and fatigue and will allow you to remain alert and sharp throughout the season.
  • The Maintenance Sessions are designed to be practiced once every 2-3 weeks following the completion of the Initial Training Phase.

Take the first step to improving your Basketball Mental Training…order the Intelligym today. Simply click on one of the links above. Enjoy and best of luck!