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Free Basketball Offensive Drills

These Basketball Offensive Drills are designed to help improve player performance on the offensive end of the court! These drills are excellent for teaching players the offensive fundamentals needed to be successful at this important part of their game.

Coaches and players typically spend most of their time practicing their basketball offensive drills because this is the most enjoyable aspect of the game!

This desire to practice and improve offensive skills starts at a very young age. Just go to any playground or basketball court and what do you see? Well, almost every player on the court is working on their dribbling and shooting skills.

Players focus on improving their offensive skills more than any other part of their game. That’s the way it is and probably the way it has always been!

Obviously, there are many aspects of the game that players need to work on – but practicing their basketball offensive drills always seems to be their priority.

I’m fine with that; however, as coaches and parents – we have to make sure that the players understand the importance of working on every aspect of their game. This is the only way they can become versatile, well-rounded players!

By learning and understanding the following Basketball Offensive Drills

  • Players will be able to improve the skills needed to become more of a threat on the offensive end of the court.
  • Parents will have a better understanding of the skills their child needs to work on in order to become a complete offensive player.
  • Coaches will have a solid foundation of drills that they can use to help improve their players’ overall skill level on the offensive end of the court.

Basketball Offensive Drills

Basketball Offensive Drill #1: 3-On-3 No Screen Or Dribble Drill

Description – This is an excellent basketball offensive drill designed to help players move the ball down the court without screening or dribbling.

Instructions – There will be 3 players on offense and 3 players on defense for this drill. The offensive team will start at one of the baselines and try to advance the basketball to the opposite basket for a score. They are not allowed to dribble the ball or set screens for their teammates. They must work on cutting to get open and making quick, accurate chest passes to their teammates.

The defensive team will play man-to-man defense and try to prevent the offensive team from advancing the ball down the court for a basket. If the defense steals the basketball, they should immediately run their fast-break attempting to score a basket. The offensive team must then work to prevent a fast-break basket.

The two teams will play until either the offensive team scores or the defensive team gains possession of the basketball.

Players – 6.

Tips – The players must make all of their passes down court toward their basket. The offensive players must work to get open and then come to meet the pass – reducing the chance of the ball getting stolen by the defense.

Variations – The players can also use other passes (bounce, lob, etc…) to advance the basketball down the court.

Skills – Moving Without The Basketball, Basketball Cuts, Man-To-Man Defense, Rebounding, & Fast Break.

Basketball Offensive Drill #2: 3 Man Cut Drill

Description – This is a great basketball offensive drill to use to teach players how to set and use screens in the proper manner.

Instruction – The players will divide into three groups. Player 1 (passer) will be in the right corner with the basketball. Player 2 (screener) will be at the right wing. Player 3 (cutter) will start at the top of the key.

Player 1 will start the drill by passing the ball to player 2. Player 2 will pass the ball back to player 1 and then go set a screen for player 3 at the top of the key. As this is happening, player 3 should be cutting down and away from the screen to set up their defender (imaginary). Player 3 should then come back to the screen and rub shoulder to shoulder with player 2 – this makes it hard for their defender to fight through the screen.

Player 3 will then look for a pass from player 1 and then drive to the basket. As this is happening, player 2 should open up to the ball after setting the screen. They will then roll to the basket looking for a pass from player 1 or crashing the boards for a rebound. After a shot, the players will rotate lines.

Players – 6.

Tips – Player 3 must make good fakes and cuts when using the screen. Player 2 must set solid screens with a wide base and be ready for contact. Player 1 should use a variety of passes to get the basketball to their teammates. Their passes should also lead their teammates to the basket.

Variations – Once players get comfortable with this drill, player 3 can utilize a back-door cut off of the screen. Player 1 can also look to pass to player 2 who is rolling to the basket after setting their screen. Player 2 can look to score or pass down to player 3.

Defenders can be added to make this a live ball drill. Also, the players can set up at different spots on the court to work on screening, cutting and passing from different areas.

Skills – Passing, Screening, Setting Up A Defender, Using Screens, Shooting, & Rebounding.

Basketball Offensive Drill #3: 5-Spot Catch & Shoot Drill

Description – This is a continuous basketball offensive drill that helps improve players’ shooting, rebounding and passing. This drill is performed at game speed and gives the players a lot of quality repetitions.

Instructions – The players will divide into two equal lines. The shooting line will start in the corner, about 15 feet from the basket. The rebounding line will start on the opposite block. The first player in each line will start the drill. Rebounder 1 will start by making a quick chest pass to shooter 1, and then run to the end of the shooting line.

Shooter 1 will perform a two-footed jump stop to catch the basketball – making sure to land in a balanced position. They will then shoot a jump shot and run to the end of the rebounding line. The next rebounder in line will grab the basketball and quickly pass to the next shooter in line.

After each player has shot 1 or 2 times from that spot, the shooting line should rotate to the following spots: Wing, top of the key, opposite wing, and opposite corner.

Players – 6.

Tips – Players must focus on the proper mechanics when shooting, passing and rebounding. This is a continuous drill; however, the players still need to perform each skill properly. They shouldn’t rush and get sloppy.

Variations – More than one basketball can be used to give the players even more repetitions. The players can be required to make a certain number of shots before the shooting line can rotate to the next spot. Also, if the rebound bounces on the court more than once – the players have to run a sprint.

Skills – Shooting, Passing, Catching, Jump stop, & Rebounding.

Basketball Offensive Drill #4: Drop Step Drill

Description – This is an excellent basketball offensive drill that teaches players how to take the ball strong to the basket – without any unnecessary dribbling.

Instructions – This drill will start with two basketballs being placed on each of the blocks. Player 1 (shooter) will stand in front of one of the basketballs with their back to the basket. Player 2 (rebounder) will stand under the basket – but out of the shooters way.

Player 1 will start by picking up the basketball with two hands and performing a drop step to the basket for a lay-up. They will then run and grab the other basketball and perform a drop step and lay-up on that side. As the shots are being taken, the rebounder must quickly grab the basketball and place them back on the blocks.

Players – 2.

Tips – The shooter does not need to dribble the basketball for this drill. They simply grab the ball, drop step and score. The rebounder must move quickly to replace the basketballs so the shooter can perform a lot of repetitions.

Variations – The shooter can use right-handed lay-ups on the right side and left-handed lay-ups on the left side. Player 1 can shoot for a specific amount of time or until a certain number of shots are made.

Skills – Drop Step, Low Post Footwork, Shooting, & Rebounding.


I hope you found these Basketball Offensive Drills to be helpful and informative.

By working on these drills and improving their offensive skill level, players will become more versatile and harder to defend on offense. They not only become a better individual player, but they also help their team become more successful!

Be sure to check out our youth basketball tips page for more great advice on the game of basketball!

Enjoy and best of luck!