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Dominate The Paint With These Free Basketball Post Drills

These Basketball Post Drills are designed to help all players develop and improve their low-post game!

Traditionally, when you think of post drills and low-post play – you think of the “big men”. The low post is their spot on the court! That’s where most big guys end up playing.

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I’ve always believed that youth basketball players should be able to play a number of positions on the court – especially in their younger years when they are first learning the game.

Post players should work on perimeter moves and skills. This will help make them more versatile on the offensive end of the court.

At the same time, it is just as important for perimeter players to work on their basketball post drills. Again, this makes them a more versatile player on offense.

Regardless of their position on the court, all players should work on these basketball post drills to improve this important aspect of their game!

By learning and understanding the following Basketball Post Drills

  • Players will develop the skills needed to play effectively in the low-post.
  • Parents will have a better understanding of the skills their child needs to improve their post play.
  • Coaches will have a solid foundation of skills to teach their players that will help them improve their low-post play.

Basketball Post Drills

Basketball Post Drill #1: Post In The Pit Drill

Description – This is an excellent drill that teaches offensive post players how to use their defender’s body position effectively.

Instructions – Two post players will line up back-to-back, facing the sidelines, in front of the basket. Three passers will set up at the following spots: the foul-line extended on the left side, the top of the key, and the foul-line extended on the right side. The coach will be on the baseline with a basketball.

The coach will start the drill by passing the basketball to one of the wings. The post player on that side will become the defender. The other post player will be on offense.

The offensive post player attempts to seal the post defender in a position where they are best able to receive a pass. The two post players will play one-on-one in the lane until the offense scores or the defense rebounds or steals the basketball. The offensive post may pass the ball back out to a perimeter player and re-establish post position.

The offensive post player cannot receive a pass until they call “ball.” The post player may also direct the movement of the ball by pointing at a perimeter passer who doesn’t have the ball and calling “pass.”

Players – 6 (including coach).

Tips – The offensive post player should make the defender work hard to defend them. Players should work to establish good post position by sealing their defender off away from the pass.

Variations – Players can be added to defend the perimeter players. This will make the entry pass more difficult.

Skills – Sealing The Defender, Post Moves, Calling For The Basketball, & Directing The Perimeter Passes.

Basketball Post Drill #2: Above Your Head Drill

Description – This is a simple yet very effective drill that can be used during practice or on the players’ own time.

Instructions – The player will start on the right side of the basket about one foot away from the backboard. The player will then shoot the ball off the backboard, get their rebound, and then move to the other side of the basket and shoot from there. The player must keep the basketball above their head after they rebound it.

Players – 1.

Tips – The player should move quickly from side to side and always keep the basketball above their head. Players should set a goal to make so many consecutive shots without missing (10 – 50 would be ideal depending on the players’ age).

Variations – The player can use their right hand on the right side and left hand on the left side. Players can also move out to 2-3 feet.

Skills – Shooting, Backboard Shots, Rebounding, Keeping The Basketball High, & Quickness.

Basketball Post Drill #3: Ball In The Block Drill

Description – This is an excellent drill to teach players how to shoot while being contacted or fouled by the defensive player. This is a very physical drill.

Instructions – Two players will start on the right and left blocks, they will be the defenders. The offensive player will start on the baseline. The coach will place a basketball on each of the blocks to start the drill.

The offensive player will run out and grab one of the basketballs. They will then have three seconds to score. The defensive player on that block will play very aggressively and try to foul the player as they are shooting the basketball.

After the shot is taken, the offensive player will run to the other block and repeat the drill against that defender. The offensive player should continue this drill until they have taken 10 shots.

Players – 3.

Tips – The defenders should be aggressive and try to foul the shooter, but make sure they are not using excessive force of playing dirty.

Variations – This drill can also be performed with a passer at the top of the key. The offensive player would then run out to the block and receive a pass – rather than picking the basketball up off the floor.

Skills – Shooting While Being Fouled & Post Moves.

Basketball Post Drill #4: Mikan Drill

Description – This is a classic drill that helps players work on lay-ups and hook shots underneath the basket.

Instructions – The player will start on the right side of the basket and shoot a right-handed hook shot. They will then grab their rebound and move to the left side of the basket. They will then take a left-handed hook shot. The player will continue this pattern for a set amount of time or until a set number of shots are made.

Players – 1.

Tips – Players should concentrate on grabbing the rebound and quickly moving to the other side of the basket for their next shot. Proper footwork should be used for each shot.

Variations – Have the players make as many shots as they can in one minute. Keep track of their progress as the season progresses.

Skills – Hook Shot, Foot Work, Off-Hand Shooting, & Lay-ups.


I hope you found these Basketball Post Drills to be helpful and informative. Although most post drills are designed specifically for the “big men”, I think all players should practice these drills. By doing this, the players will become more complete and well-rounded on the offensive end of the court.

Be sure to check out our youth basketball tips page for more great advice on the game of basketball!

Enjoy and best of luck!