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Basketball Question on a Running Offense

Basketball Picture

Basketball Picture

My basketball question has to do with the fast break offense.

Does a run and gun offense work in basketball?

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Jan 23, 2008
by: Anonymous Two things can either make or break a run and gun offense for basketball, and they both require conditioning.#1 is the physical aspect. If the players aren’t fit enough to sprint up and down the floor then it can’t be done.#2 is the mental. If you’re moving faster, you have to think faster.

This usually only works for teams with deep benches because the players get tired out faster due to the fast-paced play.

So a run and gun offense works, but things must be properly aligned first.

Jan 21, 2008
Run and gun in youth basketball (girls)
by: Joe If you have a basketball team with overall good ball handling ability and can dribble at a fast pace, the run and gun seems to work well at the youth level (albeit, these are two huge assumptions).My 3/4 grade girls in consecutive games lost 12-2 and then won 22-10, primarily due to the run and gun offense. The first basketball game it worked against us, the girls couldn’t setup and pick up their players, even in a zone offense. They drove the lane at will.The second game we turned the tables and played run and gun (not by design or plan). The girls just seemed to use for them what was used against them just a few days before. We had half dozen fast break baskets, I had to slow them down half way through the 4th period.

I know this is only one example, and it could go back the other way. Just wanted to share my limited experience.