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Dominate The Boards With These Free Basketball Rebounding Drills

These Basketball Rebounding Drills will help players and coaches at all levels of competition improve this important part of their game!

Rebounding is without a doubt one of the most critical aspects of basketball. Just think about how important rebounding is and how much of a role it plays throughout a game.

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Rebounding is one way for the offensive or defensive team to gain possession of the basketball. Because of this, rebounding is a skill that must be learned by all players – not just post players.

For the offensive player, rebounding skills are used to maintain possession of the ball for their team. This will allow their team second-chance scoring opportunities.

For the defensive player, rebounding skills are used to gain possession of the ball. This will then allow their team to make the transition to offense, usually by running a fast break.

I think it’s obvious to see how important rebounding is to the success of your team. Basketball rebounding drills must be worked on by all players in order for them and their team to succeed.

By learning and understanding the following Basketball Rebounding Drills

  • Players will have the fundamental techniques needed to be effective and aggressive rebounders.
  • Parents will have more knowledge about the rebounding skills and techniques needed by their child. They will be able to help their child improve upon these skills.
  • Coaches will have a solid foundation for teaching the proper skills to their players. This will allow their players to become more effective at rebounding the basketball.

Basketball Rebounding Drills

Basketball Rebounding Drill #1: Reaction Drill

Description – This is a great drill that helps players improve their reaction to the basketball. Although this is a tough drill, the players really enjoy it!

Instructions – Player 1 will start by laying face down at the foul line with their eyes facing the three point line. Player 2 will take a shot from the three point line. As soon as player 2 shoots, player 1 jumps up and goes after the rebound. If player 1 catches the ball before it hits the floor they have to make a shoot from the spot they caught it.

Player 1 will be rewarded/penalized in the following way:

  • If they aren’t able to catch or touch the ball before it hits the ground: 10 push-ups.
  • If they touch the ball, but don’t catch it, before it hits the ground: 5 push-ups.
  • If they catch the ball and miss their shot: 3 push-ups.
  • If they catch the ball and make their shoot: No penalty.

Players – 2 to 4 per basket.

Tips – Players should learn to read the shot to get a better idea of which direction the rebound will go. This will help them react quicker to the basketball.

Variations – Other conditioning drills can be used instead of push-ups. This can also be a live ball drill after the shot is taken. Both players would go after the ball and play until a basket is scored.

Also, younger players should start in closer to the basket.

Skills – Reaction, Rebounding, Quickness, & Shooting.

Basketball Rebounding Drill #2: Box Out Drill

Description – This drill teaches players how to box out and understand their positioning on the court as it relates to rebounding the basketball effectively.

Instructions – Divide the players into two equal teams at half-court (5-on-5 works best). The defensive team will be on the inside of the half-court circle and the offensive team will be on the outside. The players should be matched up according to position and size.

The coach will place the basketball in the middle of the half-court circle. On the coach’s command, the offensive team will attempt to get the ball. The defensive team must prevent the offensive team from getting the basketball by establishing and maintaining good box out position.

Players – 10 is best.

Tips – This is a physical drill with a lot of contact. It teaches the players about the amount of contact and aggressiveness needed to be a good at rebounding.

Variations – The size of the group can be larger or smaller if needed.

Skills – Boxing Out, Rebounding Position, & Aggressiveness.

Basketball Rebounding Drill #3: Circle Drill

Description – This is another great drill that shows players how to use their body to establish and maintain a good box out position.

Instructions – The players will form a circle and be given a number. One player will start in the middle with the basketball at their feet.

The coach will call out a number and that player must attempt to touch the basketball with their hand without reaching through the defenders legs.

The player in the middle must establish and maintain a good box out position and prevent the other player from touching the basketball.

The drill will continue until either the player touches the basketball or is boxed out for 10 seconds. At that point, the coach will call out another number – with the same defender staying in the middle.

Players – 6-10.

Tips – This is an excellent drill for teaching younger players the basics of boxing out. The middle player must use their body effectively to box out. They should focus on having quick feet and moving as their opponent changes directions.

Variations – The player in the middle can rotate out after each turn or stay in for the entire group and then rotate out.

Skills – Boxing Out, Rebounding Position, & Aggressiveness.

Basketball Rebounding Drill #4: Gator Drill

Description – This is an excellent rebounding drill that players at all levels of competition will enjoy!

Instructions – The players will form four lines. Two lines will be under the basket and one line on each sideline at the foul-line extended.

The first two players under the basket will step out to the foul-line facing the coach who is the shooter. Once the shot is taken, the two players must box out the shooter and go after the rebound.

The player getting the rebound will throw an outlet pass to one of the players on the sideline who will run a fast break with the other sideline player. The player not getting the rebound must hustle back and play defense against the fast break.

Players – Entire Team.

Tips – Make sure the players switch lines so that everyone has a chance to rebound.

Variations – The coach can shoot from different spots on the court. This will teach the players about the various rebounding angles.

Skills – Boxing Out, Rebounding, Outlet Pass, Fast Break, & Defense.


I hope you found these Basketball Rebounding Drills to be helpful and informative. These are some of the best drills used to teach players to rebound the ball aggressively and effectively by using the proper technique and footwork. As I mentioned above, rebounding is every player’s responsibility!

Be sure to check out our youth basketball tips page for more great advice on the game of basketball!

Enjoy and best of luck!