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Improve Your Basketball Rebounding Skills and Dominate the Boards

Why are Basketball Rebounding Skills so important? Think about it for a minute. Rebounding is one way to gain possession of the basketball whether you are on offense or defense. Every player on the court must be responsible for rebounding.

On the offensive end of the court, players use their basketball rebounding skills to maintain possession of the ball for their team. They will then have another chance to score a basket on the same possession.

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While on the defensive end of the court, players use basketball rebounding to gain possession of the ball. Their team can then make the transition to offense, usually by running a fast break.

I think it’s obvious to see how important rebounding is to the success of your team. Basketball rebounding skills must be worked on by all players in order for them and their team to succeed.

Coaches love the players who are willing to “bump and bang” in order to control the boards. It is definitely a valuable asset that coaches look for in a player!

The tips I have given you on improving your rebounding apply to both offensive and defensive rebounding.

Rebound The Basketball More Effectively

  • Be aware of when and where a shot is taken.
  • Call out “shot” when a shot is taken to help alert your teammates.
  • Assume the shot will miss and go to your rebounding position.
  • Locate the player you are supposed to block out.
  • Block your opponent out. This will put you in a better position to get the rebound.
  • Go aggressively to where the ball is.
  • Gain control of the ball and keep it.
  • Move the basketball. Your move will depend on whether you are on the offensive or defensive end of the court.

For more great tips on rebounding drills and skills for the youth basketball player, please visit our page on Youth Basketball Drills.

I hope you found these Tips On Basketball Rebounding to be helpful and informative. Remember – rebounding is every player’s responsibility. It is an important aspect of the game at every level of competition.

In order to become good at rebounding the basketball, you must understand and master the fundamentals first. By doing this, you become a much more complete player with good all-around skills!

If you need more great information on rebounding or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.