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Basketball Shoe Tips & Advice

You may want to purchase a special basketball shoe if you are a serious basketball player. As a basketball player, you understand how you must run, jump and move side to side rapidly. In fact, shooting baskets requires explosive movements, and you must be quite quick on your feet to block your opponents’ shots.

Special basketball sneakers provide extra cushioning and support for your feet, reducing the risk of injury not only to your feet but to your ankles and knees as well. The right basketball shoe is also resistant to the wear and tear that is common when you play so hard while wearing them, especially if you play regularly. If you play competitively, it’s imperative that you have good basketball sneakers.

Note that shoes for basketball differ from the proper shoes for other types of athletes. If you run for exercise or run competitively or if you play other sports besides basketball, do yourself a favor and buy another pair of shoes designed for that purpose. Your feet, and the rest of your body as well, will thank you for using the proper shoes for whatever activities you engage in.

Different Players Need Different Shoes

All basketball shoes are not the same and the proper type of basketball shoe for you depends on what position you play or how you play.

“Power players” need as much ankle support as they can get so they should wear high top basketball sneakers. “Speedsters,” on the other hand, need to wear shoes with no ankle restrictions, so they should choose a low top shoe. They also need a particularly lightweight shoe. “All around players” need a shoe that falls somewhere in the middle.

All shoes for basketball should provide good arch support and be comfortable for players. They need to have good traction on wooden floors, unless you typically play outdoors on concrete; then you may need a different sole. Some people just wear tennis shoes to play basketball, but they don’t really provide the support or traction you need. You’ll probably be slower on the court and may slide and injure yourself. The most important things to look for in a basketball shoe are support, traction, durability and comfort.


Basketball sneakers are made of a variety of different materials, including genuine leather, synthetic leather and canvas. Most are made from synthetic leather, which is lighter in weight than real leather and also more durable. Another problem with real leather shoes is that they sometimes stretch out of shape. Some basketball sneakers are made from a combination of materials.

Many b-ball shoes have pillow-like pads to cushion your feet when you land and many also have special heel plates to give you added support. You usually do not find these features in other types of sports shoes, like running shoes or tennis shoes. You will find them in a quality shoes for basketball, however.

You can find shoes for basketball in a wide range of colors so you can get them to match your team colors and jerseys.

Purchasing Shoes

Prices for b-ball sneakers vary widely. You can find leather shoes for as little as $35 or you can spend up to $200 for a pair. Canvas shoes are cheaper but may offer less support and are less durable, so you’ll need to replace them more often.

You can purchase quality basketball shoes at a variety of sporting goods stores and other stores that sell basketball equipment, or you can order them online. Our favorite online supplier is Amazon.com because they offer a variety of high quality shoes at reasonable prices.