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Shoot Like A Pro With These Basketball Shooting Fundamentals

By understanding and mastering the Basketball Shooting Fundamentals below:

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  • Players will become more effective at shooting the basketball.
  • Parents will be able to help their child practice and learn the proper techniques of shooting.
  • Coaches will increase their knowledge and understanding of shooting. They will be more effective at teaching this critical skill of the game.

Enjoy the fundamentals of basketball shooting below!

Basketball Shooting Fundamentals
For Success

  • Preparation is the key to good shooting. Always catch the ball in the triple threat position and be ready to shoot.
  • If you don’t have a shooting technique – you need to develop one!
  • Always remember BEEF – (Balance, Eye, Elbow, Follow-Through) when shooting.
  • Use the techniques of BEEF as a checklist when shooting.
  • Always hold your follow-through after shooting. This is the only thing that will show you why you made or missed a shot.
  • Learn from your previous made and missed shots. Record these in your memory and learn from them.
  • Don’t look at the ball through-out the shot. Your focus should be on the basket.
  • When you receive a pass, square up to the basket in a triple threat position and look at the basket. This will help you see the whole court.
  • A ball handler who looks at the basket is more of a threat than the one who doesn’t.
  • Don’t sling the ball, or throw it off your shoulder, on your shot.
  • Avoid bobbing down and then coming up to shoot. This makes you fight against gravity, which makes your shot more difficult.
  • The non-shooting or support hand does not shoot the ball. It helps protect the ball and keep it stable.
  • When you finish your shot – your elbow should be above your eyebrows, your fingers should be pointing at the rim, and your palm should be parallel to the floor.
  • When shooting remember to lock your elbow and snap your wrist. Your wrist should be loose on the shot.

More Basketball Shooting

  • On your jump shot, shoot the ball as you come to the top of your jump. Not during or after your jump.
  • Don’t dwell on missed shots – try to learn from them.
  • Keep your feet, head, and shoulders square to the basket on your shot. Don’t turn them to the side.
  • Jump straight up on your jump shots. You should avoid fading away or floating to the side.
  • Keep your elbow under/behind the ball as you are preparing to shoot.
  • Your free-throw routine should be simple. This helps you concentrate more on your shot and not your routine.
  • Your shot technique should also be simple (minimal mechanics). Stick to the basics of good shooting.
  • The more complex your shot technique is, the more chance you have of being an inconsistent shooter.
  • Practice shooting with a purpose and at game intensity.
  • Your shooting goals should be: 99+% lay-ups, 70+% Free-throw, 50+% Field Goals, 33+% 3 pointers. This can be modified for younger players.
  • Practice full-court shooting drills. For all types of shots – lay-ups, jump shots, three pointers, etc…
  • Practice shooting against a clock. This helps you shoot under pressure.
  • Always work to get open to receive the ball within your shooting range.
  • A player who can’t or won’t take the three, is not a real threat when they receive a pass outside of the three-point line.
  • Learn to shoot from any location on the court, within your range. This makes you more of a scoring threat.
  • Avoid choosing favorite shooting spots. This makes the defenders job easier. Again, learn to shoot from any spot on the floor.