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Basketball Shooting Help Needed

Basketball Shooting Technique

Basketball Shooting Technique

I am a post player on my school basketball team – my two best friends are the guards.

We have a basketball play where the post player comes up to the elbow and gets the ball, they are supposed to shoot the basketball once they receive the pass.

The only problem is…I am horrible at shooting the basketball farther away than the short corner. I can drop-step, ball fake, and shoot close in to the basket. I can also shoot perfectly from the short corner.

I have tried a bunch of things to help me improve my shooting technique and form. I did everything my best friends told me to do. I did everything that the basketball videos I watched said to do.

My main problem is that when I shoot the basketball, I end up putting side spin on it and IT WONT GO IN!

I am very frustrated. I need some help on improving my basketball shooting technique.

Thank you.