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The Swish Method…A Revolutionary Basketball Shooting Program

If you’re looking for a Basketball Shooting Program that will help take your proper basketball shooting technique to the next level – Look No Further! The Swish Method basketball shooting system is the finest shot training program available today. How do I know? Because I use it!

We use the “Swish Method” for teaching all our players, from youth levels all the way up to our high school players, how to shoot a basketball. The Swish method can be easily learned and mastered by all ages. The Swish Shooting Method will improve your shooting technique and increase your accuracy in shooting the basketball.

The Swish Method is very SIMPLE. The shooting form is broken down into easily-learned parts and then put back together. A simple, efficient shot form that minimizes variables, and reduces arm movement is key to having repeatable successes in making baskets.

Here’s the Problem…

I’m sure you have all noticed that the market is flooded with the latest and greatest shooting programs, videos, instructions, as well as a wide array of training equipment and devices. These are all designed to “supposedly” improve a player’s shooting performance. Some of these programs and products work – while others are, well…junk!

The problem I have with many of the basketball shooting programs and products on the market today is that more time is often spent on marketing and selling the products than was spent on actually planning and producing them.

Even worse, many of these companies get famous athletes and coaches to strongly endorse these products as the best on the market. They put together a flashy video with these athletes and coaches and then market the heck out of it. We as buyers highly recognize and respect many of these high profile players and coaches, so…we trust their opinions and take their recommendations to purchase these products.

Again, some of these programs work – but most don’t!

Our Story…

So, how is the The Swish Method basketball shooting program different? Well…let me share my story with you.

I’m always searching for products that I can recommend on my site. No, not just any products or programs – I’m very selective and picky. I only recommend the best products on the market today – no junk – no rip-offs – just great products designed to help improve your game!

So when I came across Swish Basketball my first thought was, “Not another shooting program”. But the more I read about the program, which is designed by basketball shooting instructor Tom Nordland, the more intrigued I became. I was curious and interested in finding out if this program was as effective as it sounded.

So…I purchased Swish 1 & 2 to test on my two oldest sons. When we purchased the videos we immediately sat down and watched them. Within 5 minutes something TRULY AMAZING happened! My sons, ages 9 & 11, immediately picked up on what was being taught. They instantly understood the shooting form mechanics and techniques that were being presented to them. I was absolutely shocked, amazed and impressed with how simple the instruction was.

But, hold on, it gets even better! When we were finished watching the videos we went out in the driveway to shoot and the boys were using the exact shooting form and techniques that they just learned. They were even using the terminology that was used during the program. I honestly believe that at that point, they could have taught someone else the basics of the The Swish Method basketball shooting techniques.

Needless to say, I was thrilled with this! The Swish Method was teaching my sons how to coach themselves!!! They were learning what and how to practice! That’s Huge!!!

The Founder of the Swish Method

Basketball shooting instructor Tom Nordland developed this phenomenal program so that coaches and players around the world would be able to fully understand the basic techniques and mechanics needed for great shooting.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time on the phone with Tom shortly after watching the shooting videos and was just blown away by his knowledge of the perfect basketball shooting form. He is a brilliant teacher/coach/instructor with an incredible basketball mind.

In my honest opinion, The Swish Basketball Shooting Program is the best shooting program ever produced! The Swish Method is simple and perfect for teaching youth basketball shooting technique! Anyone can learn to shoot this way and improve shooting, almost overnight. Great skills are, at the core, very simple. Don’t over-complicate shooting! Keep it simple and the learning part will be easy!

The Swish Method focuses on SIMPLE, DIRECT, and EFFICIENT shooting skills the kids will remember and use right away.

The Swish Method

Here is an overview of the extremely valuable information provided in the Swish Program:

Swish 1: A Guide To Great Basketball Shooting

Swish Features:

  • Explains the 4 Keys to Great Shooting.
  • Focuses on Jump Shots & Free Throws.
  • Dedicated to Teaching & Learning “Pure Basketball Shooting”.
  • Includes a 36 page workbook for further instruction and study.
  • Plus much more!
  • Running time – 56 minutes.

Swish 2: Learning & Coaching The Swish Method

Swish 2 Features:

  • A Step-by-Step Approach to Great Shooting.
  • Learn How to Teach Yourself & Others the Swish Method.
  • Teaches Players What & How to Practice.
  • 3-Pointers, Fade-Aways, Runners, Floaters & Much More!
  • Running time – 2 hours.

The Swish videos come with a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee. Give it a try and you will be amazed!

Click Here To Find Out More About The Swish & Swish 2 DVDs!