Develop An Effective Basketball Shooting Technique

This section is loaded with valuable tips and articles to help improve your Basketball Shooting Technique! Perhaps the major concern for players and coaches at every level of competition is how to improve shooting performance.

Without a doubt, shooting is the most popular and most practiced skill of the game. If you don’t believe me – just go to the playground or gym and watch what almost every player on the court is practicing. You guessed it – shooting!

However, there is a major problem here. Most players are not practicing and developing a proper basketball shooting technique. From a very young age, they have been taught and have developed not only bad shooting habits and techniques, but also poor practice techniques.

Again, watch players practice their shooting. Most of them work on shots that are either out of their shooting range or shots they will never take during a game.

These bad practice habits lead to bad shooting habits which lead directly to poor shooting techniques and performances.

So what’s the answer? Players and coaches need a simple and uncomplicated – yet highly effective way to teach and learn the proper basketball shooting technique.

Shooting Pro Tom Nordland has developed Swish and Swish 2 – undoubtedly the best shooting programs available today!

I know…I know – there are many who claim to be experts or “shooting pros”. In addition to this, there are hundreds of products and devices on the market that claim to make you a better shooter.

However – only the Swish Method is proven to work! Thousands of players and coaches around the world have seen their shooting performances dramatically improve with this REVOLUTIONARY METHOD!

Read What Others Have To Say

“Your tape is something every NBA player should have. What you offer is something sorely needed” — Pete Newell, legendary coach of the 1959 Nat’l Champion Univ. of California Bears and the 1960 gold-medal-winning Olympic team with Jerry West and Oscar Robertson

“Outstanding! Excellent! Swish is one of the best shooting videos I have ever seen!” 
— Bill Sharman, Boston Celtic legend, considered to be one of the greatest shooters ever

“I’ve played the game for 40 years and Tom’s shooting techniques are amazing to me! My shot improved drastically from just one 20-minute session with him.” — Tony Fuller,formerly Assistant Coach, Stanford Men’s basketball

“Tom Nordland’s Swish 2 instructional shooting DVD is a must for every coach. Tom has given me many valuable teaching and coaching tips that are applicable not just to basketball. I have taught at hundreds of basketball camps and have witnessed many great coaches, but I have never seen the fundamental of shooting explained so simply and taught so masterfully.” — Todd Kozinka, C.E.O. of Planet Hoops

“His original Swish video is one of the best shooting videos on the market. Swish 2 is not only another step up and beyond, but might be the best shot teaching video or DVD we have seen to date. It not only teaches players how to shoot but more importantly teaches coaches how to teach this simple straight forward method.” — Alan Lambert, The Basketball Highway

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