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Develop The Perfect Shot With These Valuable Basketball Shooting Tips

These Basketball Shooting Tips are a great way for players, parents & coaches to learn and understand the proper mechanics and techniques needed to be a good shooter.

Every player loves to shoot the basketball! The most practiced skill in the game is shooting. Coaches spend a good deal of their practice time on shooting drills to improve their players’ skill level. After all, if you can’t shoot – you can’t score!

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Whether a player is shooting a lay-up, foul shot, or jump shot -there are certain techniques that they must use in order to be successful. The basketball shooting tips below will give players, parents and coaches a better understanding of what these techniques are!

Learning and understanding the proper shooting techniques and mechanics is a great way to become a good shooter; however, these techniques must be practiced on a regular basis to become a great shooter.

For some great drills on shooting the basketball, please visit our page on basketball shooting drills. This page is filled with many valuable drills and practice ideas for shooting the basketball!

Basketball Shooting Tips – General Tips

  • Players should take shots within their shooting range. This makes them more effective at scoring.
  • Players should take shots when they are open. They should not force their shots.
  • Players should be in good balance when shooting the basketball. Off-balance shots are not as accurate and are harder to control.
  • Players should be in a triple-threat position when they catch the basketball. This puts them in a good shooting position.
  • Players should have their hands and feet ready to shoot the basketball.
  • Players should have their shooting hand spread out on the ball, and their non-shooting hand on the side for support.
  • Players should shoot the basketball quickly. This prevents the defense from reacting to their shot.
  • Players should always follow through on their shots. This gives them a soft touch or “shooter’s touch”.
  • Players should pass to a teammate who has a better shot.

Basketball Shooting Tips – Lay-Ups

  • Players should make a strong move to get past their defender.
  • Players should make good fakes to get past their defender. Ball fakes and head & shoulder fakes work well in this situation.
  • Players should drive directly to the basket for their shot.
  • Players should keep their dribble low when driving to the basket. This makes it more difficult for the defender to steal the basketball.
  • Players should keep their head up when driving to the basket. If a teammate is open, they should make the pass to them.
  • Players should take two big steps when starting their lay-up.
  • Players should raise the knee on the same side as the shooting hand and jump off of the opposite foot.
  • Players should practice using the backboard for their lay-ups. Aiming for the box on the backboard helps with shooting accuracy.
  • Players should shoot the basketball softly off the backboard.
  • Players should practice shooting both right and left handed lay-ups. This will make them more of a scoring threat and harder to defend.

Basketball Shooting Tips – Foul Shots

  • Players should be comfortable before they begin their shooting motion.
  • Players should begin in a low position with the knees bent.
  • Players should point their shooting-side foot at the basket. This helps them align with the basket.
  • Players should have their head and shoulders square to the basket. Again, this helps align them properly.
  • Players should extend their body up as they shoot.
  • Players should raise up on their toes.
  • Players should extend their elbow and snap their wrist forward. This will give them proper shooting form and arc.
  • Players should follow through after their shot.
  • Players should develop a foul shooting routine. They should keep it simple and repeat it every time they shoot foul shots.
  • Players should practice foul shots on a regular basis, especially when they are tired. This will make it more like a game situation.

Basketball Shooting Tips – Jump Shots

  • Players should have their hands and feet ready to shoot.
  • Players should have their minds focused on shooting the basketball.
  • Players should start their shots with proper footwork. Their shots start on the floor.
  • Players should catch the ball, get into a triple threat position and be ready to shoot.
  • Players should make a jab step to create space for their shot. This will put the defender back on their heels and give the shooter space to shoot.
  • Players should jump straight up off of both feet.
  • Players should have their shoulders and head square to the basket. This aligns them properly for an accurate shot.
  • Players should have their shooting elbow pointing at the basket.
  • Players should extend the elbow and snap the wrist as they shoot. This will give them proper shooting form and arc.
  • Players should follow through after their shot.
  • Players should follow their shots for a possible rebound.
  • Players should pass to an open teammate if they have a better shot.
  • Players should practice a variety of jump shots within their shooting range. As their accuracy improves, they can increase their range.

Once again, for some great drills to help improve a player’s shooting skills, please visit our page on basketball shooting drills.

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I hope you found these Basketball Shooting Tips to be helpful and informative. Shooting is a skill that players can improve with practice, dedication and hard work. The players that do this, will become an offensive threat for their team and very hard for their opponent to defend.

If you need more great information on these basketball shooting tips or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.