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Valuable Tips To Improve Your Basketball Shooting Skills

Players work more on their Basketball Shooting Skills than any other area of the game. Why is that? I think it’s quite simple – every player loves shooting the basketball!

Just think about it for a second. Anytime you go to a basketball court what are the majority of the players, regardless of their age, working on? Yes, their basketball shooting skills. It just seems to be more fun than anything else. Plus, you get immediate feedback as to how good or bad you are doing.

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It starts from when players are very young and continues on…forever! It is still definitely my favorite part of the game to practice.

Having said all that, I think it is extremely important to work on proper basketball shooting, through drills and practice, as often as possible.

Why? Because you need to develop the fundamentals needed to be a good shooter. The only way to develop these shooting fundamentals is to learn what they are and practice them as often as possible. Perfect practice makes perfect shooters!

Fundamentals Of Shooting A Basketball

The following tips will give you a better understanding of the basic shooting fundamentals of basketball.

  • Body Position.
    To be able to shoot the basketball effectively, you need to start with proper balance. To have proper balance, you should be in a triple threat position as soon as you catch the basketball. The body should be properly balanced from front to back and side to side. The shoulders and hips are square to the basket.
  • Hand Position.
    The fingers of the shooting hand should be spread out on the basketball. The palm of the hand should not touch the ball. The non-shooting hand should be on the side of the ball and is there to hold the ball in place. Once the ball is shot, the non-shooting hand is entirely off the ball.
  • Ball Position.
    The basketball should be held above the forehead and on a line above the nose.
  • Shooting Motion.
    The elbow and wrist do the basic work on the shot. The elbow should be bent, the wrist should be cocked, and the ball should be above the forehead. As you shoot, extend the elbow up and snap the wrist forward. This follow-through motion will allow you to generate good power on your shot, which increases your range. This also gives you a soft touch on your shot.

An important key to remember. As you are practicing shooting the basketball, shoot from a range you are comfortable with. One that will allow you to practice proper form. Once you have your form perfected, move out a little further and practice longer shots. Always focus on proper form first!

For more great tips and shooting drills for the youth basketball player, please visit our page on Youth Basketball Drills.


I hope you found these Tips On Basketball Shooting to be helpful and informative. In order to become a good shooter, you must understand and master the fundamentals first. This means developing your shooting form. Players who work on these skills can become good all-around shooters!

If you need more valuable information on these basketball shooting tips or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.