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Take Your Game To The Next Level With These Free Basketball Skill Drills

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Here are some excellent Basketball Skill Drills to help improve your game! Working on the various skills of basketball is the only way that players and teams can improve their game.

The players that are willing to put in the effort and dedication needed to improve their skill level will be the most successful on the basketball court. These players that continually practice their basketball skill drills are the ones that are always able to raise their game to the next level.

They become well-rounded, complete basketball players. By working to constantly improve their skill level, they help their team become more successful as well.

To me, one of the most amazing aspects of youth basketball (actually youth sports in general) is watching a player or entire team that is completely dedicated to improving their game. The effort, dedication, and commitment are incredible!

By dedicating themselves to working on their basketball skill drills, these players and teams are setting themselves up for success! It’s a wonderful thing to see!

By learning and understanding the following Basketball Skill Drills

  • Players will have a better understanding of the skills they need to improve in order to be successful at the game of basketball.
  • Parents will be in a better position to help their child succeed and enjoy the game.
  • Coaches will have a solid foundation of drills that can be used to help their players improve their overall skill level.

Basketball Skill Drills

Basketball Skill Drill #1: Jump & Run Drill

Description – This is a simple yet effective drill that helps players improve their jumping ability and overall conditioning level.

Instructions – The player will start directly under the basket. They will then jump up and touch the net or rim until their legs tire and they are no longer able to touch it.

The player will take a 15 – 30 second rest. They will then sprint and touch the net or rim on each basket in the gym. They will then return and start again with their net / rim touches.

Players – 1.

Tips – Players should jump as quickly as possible off both feet. When they sprint to each basket, they should jump off one foot and touch the net / rim.

Variations – The players can jump for a specified amount of time or number of touches.

Skills – Jumping, Running, Leg Strength, & Overall Conditioning.

Basketball Skill Drill #2: Shoot, Pass & Drive Drill

Description – This is another simple drill that really helps the players work on their reaction, shooting, passing, and driving to the basket.

Instructions – The player will stand one foot away from the basket. They will face the coach who will be directly under the basket with a ball.

The coach will pass the basketball to the player and call out one of the following signals:

  • Pass – The player will quickly pass the ball back to the coach.
  • Shoot – The player will shoot the ball immediately.
  • Drive – The player will drive to the basket for a lay-up.

Players – 1.

Tips – The player should alternate between right and left-handed lay-ups on the “drive” signal.

Variations – The player can start back further from the basket, but no further than the foul line. The player can also use various passes (chest, bounce, overhead, etc…) on the “pass” signal.

Skills – Reaction, Shooting, Passing, Catching, & Driving To The Basket.

Basketball Skill Drill #3: Line Basketball Drill

Description – This is a fun drill that players love at all levels of competition. This drill helps improve the players’ overall offensive and defensive skills.

Instructions – The players will be divided into two equal teams. Each team will spread out on a sideline facing the court. The players on each team will be given a number, starting with 1. Each player must stay in their designated spot and keep one foot on the sideline at all times.

The coach will start the drill by placing the basketball at center court and then calling out a number. The player on each team with that number will run out and try to get the basketball. The player that gets the ball will attempt to score at their team’s basket. The other player will be the defender.

The offensive player can either dribble the basketball or pass it to their teammates and then move to get open for a return pass. The sideline players are not allowed to dribble or move from their spot.

Players – 8 Or More.

Tips – This is a fun drill for the players. This is also a great time to teach them about the various skills they’re using and also correct any mistakes they might be making.

This drill can also lead right into full-court scrimmaging.

Variations – Once the players get comfortable with the drill, the coach can call out more than one number. The players would then play 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and so on.

The coach can also limit the number of dribbles. This would make the players work more on passing and cutting, and also posting up.

Skills – Dribbling, Passing, Catching, Cutting, Driving, Basketball Moves, Rebounding, & Defense.


I hope you found these Basketball Skill Drills to be helpful and informative. I can’t stress enough how important it is for players to continually work to improve their skill level in all aspects of the game.

This takes hard work, commitment and dedication by the player, parent and coach. However, the end result – a versatile & complete basketball player – will definitely be worth it!

Be sure to check out our youth basketball tips page for more great advice on the game of basketball!

Enjoy and best of luck!