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Unleash Your Basketball Skills – Score More Hoops!

The Scoring Academy – Basketball Skills Series

The Scoring Academy will reveal the secrets of coaching and playing great basketball. If you’re looking to elevate your basketball fundamentals and skills to the next level, this incredible program is for you.

The The Scoring Academy Series will help you dramatically improve your shooting, individual and team defense, ball handling and dribbling skills, passing effectiveness, overall rebounding, plus advanced techniques like pressing, trapping and the fast break.

Here’s how the Scoring Academy Series will help you (coaches and players) take your basketball fundamentals and skills to the next level…

  • The most effective and powerful technique in teaching the jump shot that you can start using immediately.
  • The problem most players have with all their shots and how to cure it.
  • Free throw and jump shot problems and how you can diagnose and fix them.
  • The easiest method to receive a pass on the move and square up.
  • The most important step in shooting on the move.
  • The proper defensive stance
  • The proper position of the hands (Hint: it’s not what most coaches teach!).
  • How to make more steals without committing a foul.
  • The most effective way to recover if an offensive player tries to drive by you.
  • How to defend against picks and screens.
  • How to play “help side” defense.
  • How to sag in the lane when your player doesn’t have the ball.
  • How to defend the passing lanes.
  • How to half-front the post.
  • How to trap on defense.
  • The best 3 places to trap on the court.
  • 5 things your team must do to press effectively.
  • The 4 steps in blocking a shot.
  • Where to use ball and head fakes in game situations.
  • How to post up on offense.
  • The best area to get the ball to break a press.
  • 2 moves to use to get more offensive rebounds.
  • 5 parts that make up a fast break.

And So Much More.

Unleash Your Basketball Fundamentals & Skills With The Scoring Academy Hoops Series

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