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How To Buy The Right Basketball System

Whether you just want a basketball system to shoot some hoops with your kids on warm evenings or are a serious basketball player, you need the right system. Since a basketball backboard and rim and all the other equipment is not inexpensive, it’s important to make the right choice.

Types of Systems

You may not realize it, but there is more than one type of basketball system. You’ll want to choose the right one to meet your needs, and your budget.

Portable System

  • These stand-alone units come complete with the base, pole, basketball backboard and rim all in one system.
  • They typically have wheels so you can easily move them from place to place.
  • The height is also usually easy to adjust.
  • They do not require much work to install; you don’t have to dig a hole, cement anything in place, etc.
  • You do have to fill the base with sand or water to provide the weight needed to keep the system stable. Still, it will not be as stable as in-ground systems.

In-Ground Pole Basketball System

  • These systems are typically permanent. However, there is a way to make a portable system that uses an in-ground pole. We’ll explain in a moment.
  • They are sturdier than portable systems but installation requires more work.
  • These systems involve digging a hole, then cementing the pole in place.
  • To make a portable in-ground pole system, you dig the hole and then cement an anchor in place. You then bolt the pole to the anchor. It’s about as stable as a system in which the pole itself is cemented in place, but everything except the anchor and cement is easily moved to an new location when you wish.

Permanent System

  • With this type of basketball system, you mount the system on the outside wall of your house or garage.
  • It is somewhat of a challenge to install and is fairly permanent once in place.
  • This type of system is very stable, more so than any other type of system.
  • The system you purchase typically includes the basketball backboard and rim, net and kit for mounting it.
  • You may need to buy an extension mounting kit, however, so you can attach the basket far enough from the wall to make it safe to play basketball there.

System Features

A basketball system consists of many vital components, not just a basketball backboard and rim, though of course those are important. When selecting your system, make sure all components meet the standards and offer the features you desire.

Basketball Backboard and Rim

  • Backboards can be made from many different materials, such as Plexiglass, graphite or acrylic. All materials are fairly durable but acrylic is the least likely to break.
  • Backboards are most often rectangular in shape though some are fan shaped. Rectangular backboards are often preferred but cost a bit more.
  • Sizes vary but larger backboards work best for beginners. Larger backboards are more costly, however.
  • Basketball rims should be 18 inches across.
  • Rims have clips or hooks used to attach the net.
  • Breakaway rims come off the backboard when too much pressure is applied, which helps prevent damage to the backboard.
  • Rims and other metal parts are typically rust-proof so they last longer.
  • Some backboards come equipped with lights to make nighttime games easier.

Basketball Net

  • Basketball nets are typically made from nylon mesh cord that is weather-resistant and long-lasting.
  • The net attaches to the basketball rim with clips or hooks on the rim.

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