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200 Basketball Terms For Players, Parents & Coaches

Do you know your Basketball Terms?

Do you know the difference between the frontcourt and the backcourt? How about a jump shot and a jump stop?

Some of you will be familiar with many of these terms. Some of you will not – and that’s okay!

I have put together this listing of terms to help all players, parents and coaches gain a better understanding of the various terms used in the game of basketball.

By reviewing and learning this listing of basketball terms

  • Players will have a better understanding of the game of basketball. They will be in a better position to understand what their coach is talking about at all times. Believe me, it impresses a coach when you know what they are talking about. This tells them that you have a good understanding of the game.
  • Parents will also have a better understanding of the game. They will be able to communicate better with their child about basketball. It is definitely more enjoyable to watch a practice or game, and actually know what the players, coaches and referees are talking about!
  • Coaches will have great information to pass on to their players. This will help put everyone on the same page as far as what terms are used during practices and games. No more blank stares when you tell a player to go to the top of the key!

Regardless of your experience or level of competition, this complete listing of terms will help you gain a better understanding of the game you love!

I have organized this huge list into the following categories for your convenience. When you click on one of the categories below, you will be taken to another page filled with terms and definitions. Enjoy!

Basketball Definitions & Terms

Terms for Basketball Positions

Learn the names and definitions of the various basketball positions.

Terms for the Basketball Court

Learn the terms and definitions used to describe the different spots on the court.

Terms for Basketball Actions

Learn the passes, shots and moves made by basketball players.

Terms for Basketball Rules

Learn some of the more common basketball rules.


I hope you find this list of Basketball Definitions and Terms to be helpful and informative. Remember, to thoroughly understand the game of basketball, it is important to understand the terms of the game.

If you need more great information on these basketball terms or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.