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Basketball Training Aids For The Serious Player

There are some incredible Basketball Training Aids available today! Now, do I think every player needs to run out and buy a huge amount of equipment to improve their game? No I don’t!

I do think every player looking to improve their game needs to have, at the very least, a good basketball and a hoop. With these two basic pieces of equipment, you are able to practice almost everything you will need to do on the court. This is the equipment I recommend for every player, regardless of their skill or competition level.

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Now, there are many, many players who are serious about elevating their skill level. These are the players that are looking to become the best they can possibly be. For these players, I would recommend that you invest in some skill-specific basketball training aids.

These would include any pieces of equipment designed to improve a certain aspect of your game: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Jumping, Speed, Quickness, etc…

A quick note and warning: Basketball training aids are designed to help improve your skill level and develop your fundamentals of the game. You still need to have a solid foundation of basketball fundamentals, a great work ethic, and be dedicated to training. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and money!

Okay, here is an overview of some of the Basketball Training Aids and what skills they can help you develop:

1. Dribbling

  • Basketball goggles that are designed to block the lower vision forcing you to learn to dribble with your head up and without looking at the ball. A great tool to help work on your court vision.
  • Dribbling aid that is designed to teach players to use their fingertips – not their palms – to control the basketball. This helps improve overall dribbling, shooting and passing skills.

2. Passing

  • The basketball rebounder or throw back is designed to return the ball to you after a pass of shot. A great way to practice passing and shooting without a partner.
  • Weighted basketballs help players work on their passing and catching ability. This is done by using a ball heavier than a regulation-sized ball. By doing this, players improve their hand and arm strength.

3. Shooting

  • Shooting straps and braces are designed to help players work on proper shooting technique. These can be attached to the shooting hand/arm to focus on proper shot mechanics and follow-through. These can also be worn on the non-shooting hand/arm to force players to work on the proper one-handed release.
  • Shooting targets, such as circular halos, can be placed inside the rim to help players improve their shooting. This gives them a smaller target to aim for and teaches more precise shooting.
  • Rebounding devices are designed to return the basketball to the player after each shot. This allows the player to practice on their own, without a rebounder, and focus their time on shooting – not chasing the ball around the court!
  • Oversized basketballs are designed to help players improve their shooting accuracy by having them shoot a ball that is usually 3 inches larger in diameter than a regulation-sized ball. This makes for a much tougher shot, and forces the player to focus more on accuracy.

4. Jumping

  • Jump shoes are worn during practice and training. They are designed to build the muscles of the lower legs which will help increase the vertical jump and overall speed.
  • SpringBak SpringSoles are made from the first footwear material to be issued U.S. Patents in the category of “PERFORMANCE ENHANCING SHOE COMPONENTS”. Designed to instantly add inches to your vertical and stride length!
  • Weighted belts are designed to increase the power in the legs and lower body – which will help increase vertical jump and hang time, as well as breakaway speed.
  • Jump ropes are a simple but great way to increase the muscles of the lower legs. Weighted ropes are also available for an even greater workout.
  • Jump boxes are a critical part of plyometric training. The combination of body weight, gravity and the boxes helps quickly build overall strength and jumping ability.

5. Speed & Quickness

  • Weighted vests and weighted shorts are designed to tone and strengthen the various muscles of the body. These also help improve overall speed and quickness.
  • Speed parachutes are designed to increase speed, explosiveness, acceleration, and stamina while improving overall running technique.
  • Speed and agility ladders help improve foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness.

This is just a small sample of the many great basketball training aids available! Before buying anything, I would recommend that you first determine which skills you would like to work on. Which areas of your game need the most improvement – and the most attention? Once you’ve determined that, then decide which training aids would be most helpful for you.

As I stated earlier, I strongly believe that youth basketball players can improve many areas of their game with just a ball and a hoop. However, the incredible basketball training aids available today will help you improve your game tremendously!

Please visit our page on basketball player equipment for an overview of the basic equipment players need to participate in this great game!


I hope you found these Tips On The Basketball Training Aids to be helpful and informative. Dedication, training and practice will have a tremendous impact on the overall improvement of your basketball skills and fundamentals. The players that are serious about this, will become complete and well-rounded at the game of basketball.

If you need more information on these training aids or if you need information on other areas of basketball, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.