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Priceless Tips On Buying The Right Basketball Uniform

Choosing the best basketball uniform for your team is an important decision. The basketball uniforms youth wear allow them to identify as members of their team, boost team spirit and allow spectators to easily keep track of members of their favorite teams when attending a game. The right uniforms increase players’ comfort while playing a hard game and can even improve their performance during a long game. The typical uniform used by basketball players has changed over the years as improvements have been made to both the fabrics used for the uniforms and the way they are designed.


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In the past, the basketball uniforms youth wore were typically made from fairly heavy fabric. Ultra lightweight fabric was not readily available and heavier fabrics were much more durable. Nearly all teams want a uniform emblazoned with players’ names, numbers and sometimes other graphics. In the past, graphics and lettering was screen printed with heavy inks or even sewn onto the basketball uniforms youth and adults wore.

These days, however, a uniform made of lightweight material can easily be found and new, lighter fabrics are much more durable than they were in the past. In addition, new fabrics “breathe,” providing ventilation that helps players stay cool instead of overheating, and also “wick” moisture away from their bodies, keeping them from getting too sweaty and uncomfortable.


In the past, the lettering and other graphics on a uniform lasted longer when actually sewn onto the basketball shirts or when emblazoned with heavy inks. New design techniques for the basketball uniforms youth wear these days allow manufacturers to dye numbers, lettering and other graphics right into the fabric, however. The lettering and other designs is less likely to wear off than those make with heavy inks and you don’t have to worry about sewn on letters and numbers falling off or unraveling. A uniform made in this way looks nicer, too, and you have a lot more options for graphics due to the dying technique.


You may not realize it, but the type of basketball uniforms youth wear actually has a significant impact on their performance on the basketball court. Lightweight uniforms are more comfortable, which allows them to focus more on their game. The uniforms that “wick” away moisture also keep players more comfortable, but even more important, they help prevent overheating or even heat exhaustion. Comfortable players can play longer and harder and concentrate better on their game, skills which can make all the difference in determining which team wins the big game.

Selecting Uniforms

If possible, it’s a good idea to discuss uniforms with your team members to find out what they would like in a uniform. They’ll enjoy wearing their uniforms and morale will be higher if they like the uniforms, and allowing them some input into the design of their uniforms helps with this. Players will also be the best judges of which uniforms are most comfortable and aid in their performance on the court, although of course coaches can also notice which uniforms seem to improve the performance of the team.

Make sure to look for lightweight fabric that “breathes” and “wicks” away moisture to ensure team members will be as comfortable as possible and perform as well as possible.

Make sure the uniforms you select for your team have distinct, eye catching and pleasing colors and graphics, as well. You want fans to recognize members of your team immediately and the uniforms your team members wear is part of their overall image.

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