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Basketball Videos & DVDs

Basketball videos & DVDs are probably the most effective learning/teaching tool available to coaches, players and parents.

I’ve watched many hours of coaching videos to learn the various aspects of the game. The information I’ve gathered from all this has helped shape and mold my coaching philosophy, strategy and techniques into what they are today.

Videos are a great resource because they allow you to watch and digest the information at your own pace. I’ve often watched a video several times before I completely understood what the author was trying to teach.

Self-Paced Learning

Everyone learns and understands basketball at their own pace. That’s why I believe basketball videos are such an important part of the entire learning process. If you think about it, watching a basketball video is similar to attending a live coaching clinic…but even better!

When watching a video you’re able to see live demonstrations of what is being taught. This gives you a visual image of what the coach is explaining – again very similar to a live clinic. Plus, you are able to watch the video, stop it, rewind it and replay it as many times as you want. Truly a great learning tool.

Make The Best Choice

A common mistake for coaches, players and parents is that they run out and buy ten new videos from ten different coaches with ten different philosophies of the game. I bet you can guess what happens. Obviously, they get overwhelmed and confused by all the different philosophies, techniques and information. In the end, the videos end up collecting dust on the shelf.

Don’t let that happen to you. Coaches, players and parents – before you purchase any basketball videos ask yourself these simple questions.

  • Which areas of the game do I need to improve upon the most?
  • Which areas of the game am I already comfortable with?
  • Which authors/coaches would I most like watching and listening to?
  • How much do I want to spend on my basketball education?

By answering these questions, you should be able to make a good choice on which basketball videos to purchase.

Top Basketball DVDs and Videos

Must Have Resources For Coaches, Players & Parents

I’ve provided you with a short list of my top basketball DVDs and videos. These are what I consider to be the “Best of the Best”! I hope you find this list to be valuable and helpful as you decide which resources are most suitable for you.

Enjoy and best of luck!

1. Swish: A Guide To Great Basketball Shooting

2. Coach Morgan Wootten: Foundations for Successful Basketball

3. Coach K: Duke Basketball Series – 6 DVD Set

4. Dean Smith’s Defensive 2-Pack

5. Magic Johnson: Comprehensive Basketball Fundamentals

6. Steve Nash MVP Basketball: Fundamentals of Basketball

7. Five-Star Basketball Series – 7 DVD Set

8. Grassroots Basketball Series – 5 DVD Set

9. Ganon Baker: Skill Development Series – 3 DVD Set

10. Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball – 4 DVD Set

11. Youth Basketball DVDs For Every Level Of Competition

In addition to these great selections, I’d encourage you to check out Championship Productions for hundreds of incredible basketball DVDs, videos, books and resources.

Enjoy and best of luck!