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Valuable Candle Fundraiser Ideas, Tips and Advice

If you’re looking for a unique fundraiser for your basketball team, consider a candle fundraiser. The candle fundraising idea is one that has not yet been done to death and it’s generally very successful. Candles are nearly as popular as cookies and candy bars but candle fundraisers are more unique so you may have even better success.

There are many types of candles, of course. Candles come in various sizes and shapes and colors. There are scented candles in a variety of wonderful scents. For a successful fundraiser, make sure you offer a wide variety of candles for sale. If you hold your fundraiser near the winter holidays, offer a variety of Christmas and Hanukah candles but have other varieties available as well. Try to offer candles in various price ranges, as well. Encourage people to purchase candles for their own use and to also purchase them to give as gifts, particularly during the holiday season.

Ordering Candles

There are a number of companies that sell candles for candle fundraisers, or you can buy them on Amazon.com. Some provide color brochures of all the candles available for purchase and you and your team members simply take orders from friends, family members, neighbors and associates. They will give you additional ideas and suggestions on how to make money and have a successful fundraiser.

This may be the easiest, most convenient way to hold candle fundraisers. Amazon has a very large selection and should be able to meet your needs in terms of available candles for sale and prices.

Making Your Own Candles

If you have the support of a large group of people, your organization may prefer to make candles for sale instead of ordering them. This often works well for church basketball teams, although of course it can work well for others too. People can make candles on their own and then deliver them to a central location for sale or you can make an event of it and have a candle making party.

While this is more work than simply ordering candles to sell, it’s a fun way to hold a candle fundraiser and can also save you money. It’s also a way to get the community more closely involved in your fundraising event and garner support for your team. It’s not as difficult to make candles as you might imagine so definitely consider this candle fundraising idea. Craft stores sell candle making supplies and staff may even be able to teach you how to make your own candles if you don’t have any candle making experience.

Selling Candles

Members of your basketball team as well as team supporters can sell candles to friends and family members. They can sell candles door to door, as well (make sure young children always go door to door with an adult for safety’s sake). Consider having a contest to see who can sell the most candles. That makes the candle fundraising idea fun and exciting for all involved.

For a fun and entertaining candle fundraising idea, consider holding a candle party. This is a party to sell candles, rather than a party to make candles. Serve snacks or desserts and show off all the different candles available for purchase. You can also play some games with candles as prizes or sell raffle tickets with candles as prizes. You can hold more than one candle party if you want. Ask various members of your organization to hold them in their homes and invite everyone they know.

To view different types of candles, just follow this link to Amazon.com.