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Coach K Quotes… Inspirational Basketball Quotes From Mike Krzyzewski

If you’re looking for great basketball quotes – you’ll love these Coach K Quotes!

Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) of Duke University is one of the most successful and respected college basketball coaches of all time. In my mind he is the modern-day John Wooden of NCAA basketball. He’s the kind of coach that any parent would be thrilled to have their child play for. I think he embodies what coaching, and the coach-player relationship is all about.

I hope these Coach K Quotes inspire and motivate you as you approach your basketball experience. Regardless of whether you are a player, parent or coach – I’m sure there is a quote here that will be very relevant to you. Enjoy!

Inspirational Coach K Quotes

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Coach K Quotes 1 – 6

1. “A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. That’s how I want you to play.”

2. “Each group and each youngster is different. As a leader or coach, you get to know what they need.”

3. “Even though we want huge individual egos, our collective ego is unbelievable.”

4. “Everybody wants to take responsibility when you win, but when you fail, all these fingers are pointing.”

5. “First of all, what happens is, when you’re good at something, you spend a lot of time with it. People identify you with that sport, so it becomes part of your identity.”

6. “Leaders have to search for the heart on a team, because the person who has it can bring out the best in everybody else.”

Coach K Quotes 7 – 12

7. “I always won in my imagination. I always hit the game-winning shot, or I hit the free throw. Or if I missed, there was a lane violation, and I was given another one.”

8. “I have a rule on my team: when we talk to one another, we look each other right in the eye, because I think it’s tough to lie to somebody. You give respect to somebody.”

9. “I think you’re not a human being unless you have doubts and fears.”

10. “I’m fortunate now that I coach at Duke University and we’ve won a lot. I have some kids who haven’t failed that much. But when they get to college, they’re going to fail some time. That’s a thing that I can help them the most with.”

11. “I’ve tried to handle winning well, so that maybe we’ll win again, but I’ve also tried to handle failure well. If those serve as good examples for teachers and kids, then I hope that would be a contribution I have made to sport. Not just basketball, but to sport.”

12. “If a team cannot perform with excellence at a moment’s notice, they probably will fail in the long run.”

13. “If you have talent with teamwork, you’ve got a chance to be a championship team.”

14. “Imagination has a great deal to do with winning.”

15. “In high school, in sport, I had a coach who told me I was much better than I thought I was, and would make me do more in a positive sense. He was the first person who taught me not to be afraid of failure.”

16. “The thing I loved the most – and still love the most about teaching – is that you can connect with an individual or a group, and see that individual or group exceed their limits.”

17. “The truth is that many people set rules to keep from making decisions.”

18. “Whatever a leader does now sets up what he does later. And there’s always a later.”

Coach K Quotes 19 – 24:

19. “To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one. You become selfless.”

20. “When I had troubles, I’d go out – with basketball, you can do it by yourself, too. So you’d go out and shoot, and you’d fantasize.”

21. “With me and basketball, it became part of me.”

22. “I don’t look at myself as a basketball coach. I look at myself as a leader who happens to coach basketball.”

23. “Confrontation simply means meeting the truth head-on.”

24. “Don’t worry about losing. Think about winning.”

Coach K Quotes 25 – 30:

25. “Confidence shared is better than confidence only in yourself.”

26. “People want to be on a team. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to be in a situation where they feel that they are doing something for the greater good.”

27. “Courage gives a leader the ability to stand straight and not sway no matter which way the wind blows.”

28. “With accomplishments comes confidence and with confidence comes belief. It has to be in that order.”

29. “A leader’s responsibility to his team is paramount. It overshadows even his own personal feelings at any given time.”

30. I believe a big part of leadership is about winning the moment.”

I hope you enjoyed these great Coach K Quotes! They should provide you with the inspiration you need to succeed at the game of basketball.