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Coaching Youth Basketball Responsibilities

There are so many Coaching Youth Basketball Responsibilities that it can often seem overwhelming to new coaches, as well as experienced ones. In order to keep everything in perspective, I think it’s important for coaches to understand their responsibilities before the season begins.

We all know that there are many different coaching personalities, philosophies, strategies and techniques. How you coach will depend on how you approach each of these areas. These areas of coaching are developed over time and with experience. Perhaps you are an experienced coach who already has an established coaching style.

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Regardless of your experience or coaching style, I feel there are three main coaching youth basketball responsibilities.

Knowing and understanding these responsibilities should help you develop a solid plan for approaching the season. This will help you build a strong foundation for coaching and will also help you keep “everything” in perspective as the season progresses.

Coaching Youth Basketball Responsibilities

1. Make Basketball Fun For Your Players!

Children of all ages love to have fun when they play basketball, or any sport for that matter. As a coach, it is your responsibility to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all your players. The more fun the players have, the more they will enjoy the game of basketball.

Now obviously, there are many times when you and the players need to be serious and work hard. If you don’t work hard – you don’t get better. But I feel it is extremely important for the coach to keep things fun for the players. This makes a big difference in how well they will enjoy their basketball experience.

We’ve all seen coaches that are always serious and never seem to have any fun. They seemed to forget that basketball is a sport and is supposed to be enjoyed by the players. The sad part with this is that the players will often lose their interest in basketball because of the coach.

Needless to say, one of your main coaching youth basketball responsibilities is to have fun!

2. Provide A Safe Experience For Your Players.

A very important responsibility for coaching youth basketball is to ensure the safety of your players. This step is often overlooked by many coaches for various reasons. Do yourself a huge favor before the season starts and make sure you have a safety checklist to protect you and your players.

So what aspects of safety should you be aware of? First, make sure the basketball court that you practice and play on is in good condition. Check for any safety hazards that might cause injury. Address these immediately.

Second, make sure all the equipment is in good working order. This would include basketballs, hoops, training aids, and anything else your might use during practices and games.

Third, you must plan your practices and teach your drills in the proper sequence to ensure the player’s safety. This is called teaching progression. By teaching basketball skills in the proper sequence, when the players are prepared for them, you are providing a safe learning situation.

Fourth, you must provide opportunities for players with disabilities. Many children with disabilities such as high-functioning autism can play basketball. These children have an intense desire to participate in the game they love. It is your job as a coach to give them the same support, guidance and encouragement that the other players receive.

Fifth, you must be prepared to handle any injuries or safety issues that arise during practices and games. All coaches should be properly trained in first aid and CPR in order to deal with injuries in the proper manner.

3. Teach Your Players The Basketball Fundamentals.

One of your main coaching youth basketball responsibilities is to teach your players the skills and fundamentals necessary to succeed in the game.

As I stated earlier, there are many coaching strategies and philosophies – as well as many coaching styles. Regardless of this, in order for players and teams to improve their skills they must learn the basic basketball fundamentals.

Your level of coaching will determine how you teach each of these fundamentals. For example, an elementary coach would teach his players the set shot from a close range – while a high school coach would teach his players the jump shot from a further distance. Both coaches would be teaching the fundamentals of shooting; however, they would be at different skill levels.

It is extremely important for coaches to plan their practices ahead of time. Do yourself and your players a favor – BE PREPARED! This will allow you to be more effective at what you’re trying to teach your players, and will also make the practice more enjoyable for everyone involved.

I feel these are the three main coaching youth basketball responsibilities. As the coach, you have an incredibly important role in each player’s overall basketball experience. If you focus on these three areas of responsibility, you will be certain to provide your players with a great experience!


I hope you found these tips on Coaching Youth Basketball Responsibilities to be helpful and informative. This information should help you meet the challenges faced by coaches, while also enjoying the overall experience of working with young athletes.

If you need more great information on coaching or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.