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Coaching Youth Basketball… 11 Steps To Success

Coaching Youth Basketball is an incredible way for adults to get involved with young athletes. Whether you are coaching a youth recreation league or a high school varsity team, you are in a position to have such a positive influence on the lives of these young athletes.

I can say with all honesty that coaching youth basketball has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have very vivid memories of the players and teams that I have coached.

I can still remember the players’ names, their strengths and weaknesses, their personalities, and their contributions to the team. I can also remember the successes and failures of each of the teams I coached.

These memories will stay with me forever! I am truly grateful to have been in such a great position to work with and help each of these players.

Now, having said all that, I will also say that coaching youth basketball is not easy! There is a lot of work involved. It takes a great amount of time, effort and dedication in order to do a good job coaching these young athletes.

Proper Planning is Critical When Coaching Basketball

I know there are a lot of coaches that don’t do much planning for practices and games. They just seem to show up, go through the motions of coaching, and then leave. They are not really concerned with helping their players improve their skills and overall basketball experience.

I know you’re not one of these coaches! If you were, you wouldn’t be here taking the time to read this information.

Coaching youth basketball will be a much more rewarding experience if you take the time to properly plan your season. There are certain areas of coaching that you should familiarize yourself with before the season starts.

You should form guidelines on how you plan to approach each of these areas of coaching. The more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy your coaching experience! You will also be more successful. Most importantly, the young athletes you are coaching will have a much more positive and rewarding experience!

Regardless of the level of play or the amount of coaching experience, I feel that anyone coaching youth basketball needs to have a plan on how they will approach each of the areas listed below.

When you click on one of the links, you will be taken to another page that will give you an overview of how you should plan for that specific area of coaching basketball. Enjoy and good luck!

Valuable Guidelines for Coaching Youth Basketball


1. Coaching Responsibilities

Learn the main responsibilities that every coach has to their young athletes.

2. Coaching Tools

Learn what tools you need to be an effective coach.

3. Communicating

Learn how to effectively communicate with your players, their parents, and other coaches.

4. Basketball Skills

Learn how to properly teach the skills required by your players.

5. Safety Issues

Learn how to handle injuries during practices and games.

6. Planning

Learn to properly plan your pre-season and in-season activities.

7. Rules Of The Game

Learn the basic rules of basketball.

8. Basketball Drills

Great drills to help you teach the fundamentals of the game.

9. Offensive Tips

Valuable tips for teaching individual and team offensive skills.

10. Defensive Tips

Great tips for teaching individual and team defensive skills.

11. 37 Coaching Truths

An incredible list of coaching tips/truths to help you become more effective at working with young athletes.

As I stated earlier, coaching youth basketball can be one of the greatest experiences of your life – if you are properly prepared for it. Unfortunately, if you don’t take the time to prepare – it can be a nightmare!

Do yourself, your players and their parents a HUGE favor – be prepared! That’s my best advice to you as a coach. Enjoy yourself and understand that you are in a great position to positively influence the lives of these young athletes!


I hope you find these tips on Coaching Youth Basketball to be helpful and informative. This information should help you meet the challenges faced by coaches, while also helping you enjoy the overall experience of working with young athletes.

If you need more great information on coaching or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.