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Cookie Dough Fundraiser Tips

A cookie dough fundraiser is a very popular method of raising funds for basketball and other sports teams, and for good reason. Cookie dough fund raising is fairly easy to do and just about everyone loves cookies so it’s not hard to sell a lot. Since cookie dough is not too expensive, most people can afford to buy some; some fundraisers sell very nice items but they are too costly for some people to afford.

How to Do It

There a couple different ways you can do a cookie dough fundraiser. Numerous companies sell frozen cookie dough that people can order from you. You can pre-sell cookie dough so you make sure you don’t order more than you’ll need. Companies that sell cookie dough for fundraisers can usually give you ideas for how to do successful cookie dough fund raising, too.

You can also make your own cookie dough to sell. People may prefer to buy homemade cookie dough because homemade cookies often taste better than store bought ones, but it’s certainly more work. If you plan to make your own cookie dough, you can ask people to sign up to make different types of dough or you can hold a group event to make large batches of several kinds of cookie dough. It’s best to make dough that can be frozen so it’s easy to store until people purchase it. If you do decide to make your own dough, make sure everyone follows proper procedures for cleanliness and safety.

You can sell cookie dough or take orders for dough, if you decide to pre-sell it, to family members, friends, neighbors and business associates. Get parents, teachers, coaches and others involved as well as basketball team members. If you don’t want to pre-sell dough, or even if you do, you can also have cookie dough available for people to purchase on the spot one day. This works well after church services, at local stores (ask the manger for permission first), at school events or at community centers. In this case, you might even want to have samples of some of the cookies available to tempt potential buyers.

Cookie Flavors

For the best success with cookie dough fund raising, you need to offer a wide variety of flavors since everyone has different tastes. Make sure you have traditional favorites like chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookies and oatmeal raisin. If you want to have chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, you might want to consider having chocolate chip without nuts too, since some people don’t care for nuts or are allergic.

For a successful fundraiser, you should also offer some more exotic flavors of dough. Consider things like white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal cookies with dried cranberries instead of raisins, peanut butter cup cookies, snickerdoodles, double chocolate chip, cookies with bits of toffee or other candies in them and lemon flavored cookies. Some companies that sell tubs of frozen cookie dough will offer you samples if you ask so you can see what tastes the best.

Make Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser Unique

The main disadvantage to cookie dough fund raising is that many organizations do it. Especially if another organization in your area has recently held a cookie dough fundraiser, people may be less likely to purchase cookie dough from your group. Offering samples of your cookie dough is one way to make your fundraiser unique. You could also offer other items for sale, such as baking sheets, cookie cutters and colorful tins for storing cookies. It’s also wise not to do cookie dough fund raising around the time that Girl Scout cookies are sold because many people will already be purchasing all the cookies they want at that time.

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