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Defensive Agility & Quickness

Picture Of Basketball Defensive Player

Picture Of Basketball Defensive Player

Defensive Agility & Quickness Basketball Drill

Level: Beginner and Up


5 players will line up in the middle of the free throw lane facing the middle of the court. The players will begin in a defensive stance.

On the whistle blow, the players will shuffle to the right edge of the free throw lane and touch the line with their right hand. They will then go back to the left edge of the free throw lane and touch that with their left hand. This will continue for 30-45 seconds (or longer, depending on condition).

After this group of 5 players completes the drill, the next set of players will come on and do the same thing for 30-45 seconds (or longer). You may then bring the first set of players back on after all sets of players have gone and repeat the process.

This basketball drill is excellent for staying in a defensive stance, developing quickness while in the defensive stance, and general conditioning. If done properly the players will feel an intense burn in their quads.

Defense Wins Championships
by: Joe Waters  This is a great defensive basketball drill Theodore.
Defense is the foundation of all great basketball teams and players.

Becoming a great defensive player takes a lot of hard work, and this drill is a great starting point for becoming a solid defender.

The one thing I really like about this drill is that yes, it is a simple defensive drill; however, it can and should be used at all levels of play.

Often times, the simpler the drill – the more effective it is at properly teaching the basketball fundamentals.

The most important thing to remember with this drill is that it is not a race. The players must focus on staying in their defensive stance and work on their defensive slide footwork.

Coaches should watch for these common errors:

1. Players will often bring their feet too close together on their slide forcing them to pop up and down as they are sliding. They should stay low, in a good defensive stance and slide their feet in a short choppy manner to move.

2. Players must never cross their feet while they are sliding. Younger players are most likely to do this until they get the hang of the defensive slide footwork. This is a great drill that works defensive footwork, quickness and conditioning.